Admirals Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Pros, Cons & More

The article discusses Admirals’ regulations, trading instruments, online trading platforms, trading fees, deposit & withdrawal methods, minimum spread and maximum leverage. It also debriefs how to open an account, followed by a quick review of available safety measures for investment.

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79% of CFD accounts lose money.

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EURUSD 0.1 pips

What Can You Trade on Admirals

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Trading Platforms


Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster CardPaypalSkrillNeteller

Admirals Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Pros, Cons & More

The article discusses Admirals’ regulations, trading instruments, online trading platforms, trading fees, deposit & withdrawal methods, minimum spread and maximum leverage. It also debriefs how to open an account, followed by a quick review of available safety measures for investment.

  • author Usman Ahmed
  • Last updated 12/12/2023

79% of CFD accounts lose money.

Regulated By

Regulated By


Used By

Used By

1,000,000+ Users

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Established in


Spreads From

EURUSD 89 Points

Trading Platforms


What Can You Trade on Admirals

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster CardPaypalSkrillNeteller

Admirals Overview

Admirals is a multi-asset brokerage firm based in Estonia. Having been regulated by multiple regulatory authorities, the company has been in business for almost two decades. The broker operates through its 16 regional offices worldwide, including Australia, South Africa, Jordan, Cyrus, and the UK. Except for fewer jurisdictions, clients from almost all parts of the world are welcome to join. 

Admirals Main Features

Minimum Deposit$25
Tradable Symbols8,000+
Number of Pairs45+

The company facilitates retail and institutional trading services across various financial markets. Clients can explore 8000+ tradable instruments, including but not limited to 3100+ stock CFDs, 4,400+ real shares and 190+ ETFs, 350+ ETF CFDs, 45+ forex pairs, 42+ cryptocurrencies, 40+ indices, 25+ commodities, and 2+ bonds at Admirals. However, crypto derivatives are unavailable due to regulatory limitations in some regions, such as Jordan and the UK. Except for the South African entity, the broker offers both real shares and shares CFDs in all other regions, including Jordan, Cyprus, Australia, and the UK. The company doesn’t offer a proprietary trading platform. However, clients can access a full suite of the industry’s most renowned trading platforms, MT4 and MT5. Both third-party trading platforms come loaded with multiple technical tools and indicators required for a purposeful trading experience. While clients can access the available platforms on the web and desktop, these are also accessible through Android and iOS-based mobile phones and tablets. For margin-based trading, the maximum leverage available is up to 1:500. However, retail clients residing in countries with strict regulatory oversight, UK, Australia, and Cyprus (EU), can only use leverage up to 1:30. 

The broker’s account opening process is straightforward but takes you through multiple steps before you can reach the dashboard. Moreover, the broker makes it mandatory for clients to complete the KYC process in compliance with strict regulatory measures. Investors can choose between different account types according to their skill set and budget, while a swap-free account is also available for shariah-practising traders. Clients can add or withdraw funds using multiple payment options, such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Skrill, PayPal (Only in the UK), Webmoney, Wire transfers, etc. You can start with the company for a minimum deposit of $25, and there is no deposit fee. Please be informed that available payment options might vary depending on your location. Further, you might not want to miss the welcome bonus offer available for clients depositing $100 or more for the first time. 

The company keeps clients’ investments in segregated bank accounts, ensuring real-time access to their funds. While negative balance protection against volatile market conditions is available to retail clients, the company also offers indemnity insurance allowing investors to seek compensation against losses resulting from company failure. The company claims to have the best pricing model besides employing flexible trading conditions among the best online CFD brokers. However, the company doesn’t offer guaranteed stop loss which could result in increased slippage issues when the market becomes highly volatile. Its educational library seems well maintained to help clients learn and grow. The company also offers multilingual customer support around the clock.


  • Robust Regulatory Setup
  • Competitive Spreads
  • Full Suite of MT4 & MT5
  • Multiple Account Types
  • Social Trading Available
  • Interest-free Islamic Accounts
  • Rich Educational Resources


  • No proprietary Platform
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Absence of GSLs

Admirals Regulations

The company holds regulations in at least five jurisdictions worldwide. We will enlist all the regulated entities and provide complete information about their licences and location. 

Admirals UK Ltd: Registered in England and Wales, the broker is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is located on the 37th Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB, London.

  • Company Registration Number: 08171762
  • FCA Registration Number: 595450

Admirals Cyprus Ltd: The broker serves clients in Cyprus under the regulatory oversight of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The official address in Cyprus is at Dramas 2, 1st floor, 1077 Nicosia.

  • Company Registration Number: 310328
  • CySEC Licence Number: 201/13

Admirals Pty Ltd: This entity is located at 1/17 Castlereagh Street, NSW 2000, Sydney. It holds the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulations. 

  • Company Registration Number: ABN 63 151 613 839
  • AFSL Number: 410681

Admirals AS Jordan Ltd: The broker is allowed to conduct investment business by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC). It is located on the first floor, Time Centre Building, Eritrea Street, Um Uthaina, Amman, Jordan. 

  • Company Registration Number: 57026

Admirals SA (Pty) Ltd: The entity is an authorised financial services provider registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). The company is located at Dock Road Junction, CNR Dock Road and Stanley Street, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa. 

  • Company Registration Number: 2019 / 620981 / 07
  • FSP Number: 51311

Supported Countries

Admirals accepts clients from all over the world, except for fewer jurisdictions, including but not limited to Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, North Korea, Japan, Somalia, Libya, Japan, and the United States. 

Available Assets at Admirals

The broker brings 8,000+ trading instruments to the trading desk across various financial markets, including forex, indices, commodities, stock CFDs, exchange-traded funds (ETF CFDs), cryptocurrencies, bonds, and global stocks & ETFs. 


As a long-term store of value, cryptocurrencies offer clients enough motivation to buy them. Unlike traditional currencies, the supply of cryptocurrencies depends on complex mathematical formulas, eliminating the possibility that a governmental agency or a political setup could have its worth diminished by inflation. Admirals offer 42+ cryptocurrencies to trade as CFDs through all subsidiaries, excluding Jordan and the UK. Crypto derivatives are unavailable in these regions due to regulatory restrictions. 


Stocks entices clients due to being more liquid than investment in real estate, which you can’t sell rapidly in case of a market downturn. Admirals bring 3100+ stocks to your disposal. The broker provides trading in both actual shares and contracts for difference (CFD) shares in all jurisdictions except South Africa.


Trading commodities help you diversify your portfolio and protect your money from inflation. Notably, commodity prices are sensitive to supply, demand, and geopolitical conditions changes. Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, and Crude Oil are some of the 25+ commodities available to trade at Admirals.


Index trading enables investors to gain exposure to a broad market or industry with a single trade rather than initiating numerous trades on individual stocks. You can trade 40+ indices, including but not limited to FTSE 100, SP 500, DJI 30, NA100, etc. 


The broker offers 45+ forex pairs, including majors (EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY), minors (EUR/GBP, GBP/CAD) and exotic (USD/ZAR, EUR/PLN) pairs, allowing you to trade your favourite one. 


Exchange-traded funds, also known as ETFs, are mutual funds that trade on stock exchanges and typically follow the performance of an underlying index. An exchange-traded fund (ETF) gives you access to a basket of assets you may purchase or sell. It also helps you diversify your holdings and reduce your overall portfolio’s risk. The company allows clients to access more than 350+ ETFs, such as DX2J, EXS1, ISF, DBXD, CSSMI, etc. 


Investing in bond markets is a technique to capitalise on business and government debt price changes. When a firm issues a bond to investors, it commits to pay interest at a specific rate for a set period. A total of 2 bonds are available to trade at Admirals, including US 10Yr T-Note and Bund. 


The “spread” of a financial instrument is the difference between its bid and ask price. Spreads for all available currency pairs, including major, minor and exotic, are listed in the table below.


The term “leverage” refers to easily accessible borrowed cash that you may use to increase your purchasing power. Although increasing your margin could boost your market exposure, it could also raise your vulnerability to losses. 

Admirals offers leverage up to 1:500. However, clients residing in countries with robust regulatory frameworks like Australia, Cyprus (EU) and the UK may only have access to A leverage up to 1:30.  

Notably, the available leverage may also vary depending upon the notional value of your account’s base currency.

InstrumentsSpreads (From)Leverage (Up to)


Major Forex Pairs
EUR/USD0.1 pips 1:500 
GBP/USD0.1 pips 1:500 
USD/CAD0.1 pips1:500 
USD/CHF1.0 pips1:500 
USD/JPY0.1 pips 1:500 
Minor Forex Pairs
AUD/CAD0.5 pips 1:500 
AUD/CHF0.4 pips 1:500 
AUD/JPY0.1 pips1:500 
AUD/NZD1.1 pips 1:500 
AUD/USD0.1 pips 1:500 
CAD/CHF0.1 pips1:500 
CAD/JPY0.7 pips 1:500 
CHF/JPY0.1 pips 1:500 
EUR/AUD0.1 pips 1:500 
EUR/CAD0.9 pips 1:500 
EUR/CHF0.1 pips 1:500 
EUR/GBP0.3 pips 1:500 
EUR/JPY0.1 pips 1:500 
EUR/NZD0.1 pips 1:500 
GBP/AUD0.4 pips 1:500 
GBP/CAD1.7 pips1:500 
GBP/CHF0.1 pips 1:500 
GBP/JPY0.1 pips1:500 
GBP/NZD0.3 pips 1:500 
NZD/CAD0.1 pips 1:500 
NZD/CHF0.1 pips 1:500 
NZD/JPY0.2 pips 1:500 
NZD/USD0.1 pips 1:500 
Exotic Forex Pairs
EUR/CZK26 pips 1:25 
EUR/HUF1.1 pips 1:25 
EUR/NOK39.6 pips 1:25 
EUR/PLN13 pips 1:25 
EUR/RUB50 pips 1:25 
EUR/SEK28.5 pips 1:25 
GBP/PLN3.9 pips 1:25 
GBP/SGD1.4 pips 1:25 
NZD/SGD0.4 pips 1:25 
USD/BRL20 pips1:25 
USD/CLP4 pips 1:25 
USD/CNH0.1 pips1:25 
USD/CZK17 pips1:25 
USD/HKD8.8 pips 1:25 
USD/HUF10 pips 1:25 
USD/MXN120 pips 1:5 
USD/NOK7.5 pips 1:25 
USD/PLN10 pips1:25 
USD/RON15 pips 1:25 
USD/RUB24 pips 1:25 
USD/SEK0.6 pips 1:25 
USD/SGD0.1 pips 1:25 


ARABICA3.6 pips 1:50
COCOA4.8 pips 1:50
COTTON18 pips 1:50 
ORANGE.JUICE12 pips 1:50
ROBUSTA3.6 pips1:50 
SUGAR.RAW4.8 pips 1:50 
SUGAR.WHITE8.4 pips1:50 
CrudeOilUK0.3 pips 1:100 
CrudeOilUS0.3 pips 1:100 
Gold10 pips 1:500 
BRENT0.3 pips1:100 
CRUDE OIL0.3 pips 1:100 
NATURAL GAS0.6 pips 1:20 
WTI0.3 pips 1:100 
COPPER2.8 pips 1:100 
PALLADIUM100 pips 1:100 
PLATINUM30 pips 1:100 
Silver1 pips 1:100 

Admirals Fees & Commissions

Charges for trading (spreads, commissions) and activities other than trading, such as fees on deposits/withdrawals, account maintenance, and inactivity, may be levied against traders/investors. The broker’s price structure seems to be meeting the average industry norms. Below is a quick overview of the fees and commissions you may incur while trading with Admirals.

Trading Fees


The company claims to offer competitive spreads across all financial markets. While the broker has a variable spread charging policy, the actual spreads keep changing throughout the day, depending on the market’s volatility. The minimum spread clients can expect to pay on trading pairs like EUR/USD is 0.1 pips. On the other hand, commodities like Gold and Silver are tradable for a minimum spread of 10 pips and 1.0 pips, respectively. 


Admirals considers monthly trading volume in a trader’s account for determining commission rates. While it applies a commission of $3.00 per lot for trading forex, metals and indices, a $1 per lot commission is payable on trading energies in both Zero.MT4 and Zero.MT5 accounts.. 

Rollover fees/Swap Rates:

When it comes to leveraged overnight holdings, swap rates are applicable. The swap value may be positive or negative depending on the prevailing swap rate and the holder’s position. In other words, you pay a cost for maintaining your position overnight or receive compensation.

Non-Trading Fees

Deposit and Withdrawal Fee

Admirals doesn’t apply any fee on deposits. However, withdrawals may carry charges of up to $10, except for the first withdrawal each month. However, your card issuer may charge some fee that you must confirm from the respective company. 

Currency Conversion Fee

A currency conversion fee of 1% applies to funds transfers in currencies other than your account’s base currency. 

Inactivity Fee

The broker deducts a $10 account inactivity fee from accounts dormant for more than 24 months. This fee is applied if there is a positive balance in your account.

Admirals Trading Platforms

To cover up the lack of a proprietary trading platform under its offerings, the company is one of the good MetaTrader 4 brokers. It also brings a full suite of MetaTrader 5 within reach of traders. Concerning automated trading solutions, MT4 and MT5 are the gold standards. However, the WebTrader appears to be a failed replacement platform due to its incompatibility with older versions of the trading platforms. To access the full range of offerings, clients must use the MT5 trading platform, which is one of the most significant issues with Admirals. Both iOS and Android versions of the trading platforms are also available for on-the-go traders. Let’s quickly go through some features accessible via each trading channel. 

Desktop Trading Platform

While the desktop trading platform comes with a sleek design and intuitive interface, experienced traders might find the MetaTrader Supreme Edition’s robust features more useful. In addition to standard charting and market data, the platform provides multiple technical analysis indicators and pattern recognition tools. Widgets from Global Opinion also provide useful extensions for handling different financial instruments and order types. In addition to hedging techniques, clients can also employ trading strategies like 1-minute scalping on the desktop platform. Rich historical data and automated trading through APIs are other features accessible via the desktop trading platform. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform

How to Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Desktop Trading Platform

There are several steps involved in signing up for Admirals. Before making deposits or initiating positions, clients must complete the KYC process. Let us walk you through the step-by-step procedure of joining the broker via desktop. 

  1. Navigate to the broker’s official website,, and click on the register button on the top right corner of the homepage. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  2. Select the country of your residence, provide your email ID, enter the telephone number, and choose a password. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  3. Check your email inbox and click on the link received to verify your email address. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  4. Click the start application button on the dashboard to complete the registration process.Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  5. Select the account type and mark your acceptance with the terms and conditions. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  6. Verify your phone number and click on the verify button to continue. If you don’t receive the verification SMS, you can resend it anytime. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  7. Provide your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, and country of citizenship. It could be different from your country of residence. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  8. Confirm your employment status and that you are not a U.S Citizen. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  9. Read the terms and conditions and sign off the declaration form. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  10. Complete the KYC process by uploading the supporting documents, such as a copy of your ID Card, Passport, or Driving licence. The broker also asks for a utility bill or bank statement for address verification. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  11. After verifying your account, navigate to the dashboard and click on the transactions button on the side navigation panel. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  12. Select your preferred payment method from the available options, such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, Wire transfers, etc. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  13. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and authenticate transaction details to complete funds transfers. 
  14. Click on the trading platforms button and launch your preferred trading platform. You can access the trading platforms through all mediums, including web, desktop, and mobile. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform
  15. Find your preferred tradable instrument, configure trading details, such as amount, stop loss value, and click on the buy or sell button to initiate a position. Admirals Desktop Trading Platform

Mobile App

The custom-built mobile trading app features an intuitive user interface. The respective app versions are downloadable from the Google Play Store or App Store for Android and iOS-based mobile phones. 

Clients can access multiple financial markets with the power of their palms. CFDs on currency pairs, equities, indices, commodities, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are just some of the many products you may access quickly via the mobile trading app. Clients can also invest in real shares and ETFs on the mobile app.  

Almost all trading tools and indicators offered via the desktop version are available on the mobile trading app; its small screen resolution is the inherent limitation for clients relying on deep technical analysis. 

How to Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App

  1. Download the broker’s mobile trading app from the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile devices.
  2. Open the app and click on the signup button at the bottom of the welcome screen. 
  3. Enter your email address and click the “next” button to proceed further. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  4. Enter your first and last name, select your country of residence and enter your mobile phone number on the following screens. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  5. Choose a trading account password, and click the signup button. 
  6. Check your email inbox and click the link received from the broker to verify your email address. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  7. Continue your application by clicking the blue highlighted button “Start Application”.
  8. Choose your preferred account type, i.e., Individual or Legal. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  9. Select your country of residence. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  10. Provide your details, including your name, date of birth, and citizenship. 
  11. Enter your residential address along with your postal code. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  12. Confirm that you are neither a US Citizen nor politically exposed besides indicating your employment status. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  13. Read the terms and conditions carefully and mark your acceptance. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  14. Complete the KYC process and submit the supporting documents as discussed above. Wait until your account is approved. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  15. Click on the Add funds options. 
  16. Select your preferred payment method, such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Skrill, Wire transfer, etc. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  17. Enter the amount you wish to add to your account, confirm your agreement with the disclaimer box, and click on the deposit button. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  18. Authenticate your payment details to complete the transaction. 
  19. Navigate to the dashboard and click on the “Trade” tab. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  20. Select your preferred financial instrument, eg., EUR/USD. Open an Account and Trade on Admirals Mobile App
  21. Define your trading preferences, and click on the buy or sell button to initiate an order. 

Admirals Account Types

Considering the individual needs of both newbies and professional clients, the broker offers multiple types of accounts, including Trade, Invest and Zero. A demo account is also available to enable clients to practice different trading and money management strategies under live market conditions. Let’s quickly review each account type.

Demo Account

Virtually funded demo accounts allow clients to learn critical trading skills and try multiple risk management strategies without fearing the risk of loss. 

Trade Account

Those new to CFD trading might prefer signing up for the Trade account. While the minimum spreads start from 0.1 pips in the Trade account, the broker doesn’t charge any commission in this account except for Share & ETF CFDs. The account is available on both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and comes with market execution. 

Zero Account

The broker registers clients with advanced trading skills in the Zero account. It’s one of the brokers that keep the spreads as low as 0 pips for certain financial instruments. However, the commission charge in the zero accounts is relatively higher. For instance, clients pay a commission of up to $3 per lot on forex pairs. 

Invest Account

This account is for clients looking to invest in real stocks and ETFs. With an exchange execution model, it is available on MT5 only. While most of the perks and services look identical to the rest of the account types, clients can sign up for it for a minimum of $1 or equivalent. 

Islamic Account

Swap-free accounts are not available as a stand-alone product. However, clients can request the company convert their conventional accounts to Islamic ones. Interest-free accounts allow shariah practising investors to trade their favourite tradable asset without going against their religious beliefs. 

Professional Account

The option of a professional account is also available for selected investors. According to new ESMA rules, traders must fulfil any two conditions of the following criteria to be enrolled as a professional client.  

  1. Should have an investment portfolio worth 500,000 € or more.
  2. Should have sufficiently traded over the past twelve months with an average of at least ten trades a quarter. 
  3. Should have one year of experience as a finance professional.

Note: Professional accounts are only available in selected regions such as the UK, EU, and AU. To know more details, please visit the broker’s website.

Admirals Payment Methods

Deposit Methods

Compared to other brokerage firms in the industry, Admirals offers limited payment options, including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Skrill, Paypal (Only in the UK), Neteller, Poli, Perfect Money, Bank transfers, and Cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit via each payment method is $25 or equivalent. However, the minimum deposit amount may vary depending upon your jurisdiction.

Supported currencies for deposits include USD, AED, EUR, GBP, and JOD. Owing to strict AML directives, the broker doesn’t accept third-party payments. Therefore, make sure the source of funds is in your name only. 

While the broker processes card payments instantly, bank transfers may take between 3-5 business days to show up in your account.

MethodDeposit Processing Time
Credit Cards Instantly
Debit Cards Instantly
Bank TransferUp to 3-5 Business Days

Withdrawal Methods

Customers can withdraw funds from their trading accounts using the same ways they deposited. Be advised that withdrawal requests from unconfirmed accounts will be denied. To withdraw funds, customers must first complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process and get their accounts verified. The broker processes all withdrawal requests received before 7:00 PM (GMT +3) on the same day. However, any request received after 7:00 PM will be entertained the next day. The broker hasn’t stipulated the minimum withdrawal amount. You can withdraw as much as you wish. 

How to withdraw funds from Admirals?

Clients can request a withdrawal by logging into their trading accounts and clicking the transaction tab on the dashboard. Selection of the payment methods and the amount is all required to get their funds withdrawn. 

Education at Admirals

Admirals seem to have paid particular attention to clients’ education. The company’s educational library is well-maintained and offers rich learning resources. However, the broker has room for development in publishing in-house analytics; the section is not exceptionally well-organised and is inferior in the field of technical analysis. However, clients can benefit from the third-party premium analytics powered by Dow Jones, Acuity, and Trading Central. While the “Trader’s Blog” discusses important concepts clearly and concisely, the Heat Map, Crypto bubble Metre, Market Sentiment indicators, and Economic Calendar are a few other valuable features making part of the company’s educational section. 

A newly introduced Forex 101 course provides a solid introduction to the market and helps novice traders to grasp things quickly. Traders can access the first three classes without signing up with the company, but the subsequent six require a free demo account to access them. 

The company also hosts free webinars allowing clients to learn from veteran traders one-on-one. Articles covering a wide range of topics and risk management procedures with comprehensive instructional guides are worth appreciation. 

There is also a Trader’s Glossary with concise definitions of common terms to help clients become familiar with different trading jargon and terminologies. 

Admirals Customer Support

AdmiralMarket’s customer service is accessible five days a week during business hours. The broker offers a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on its website, but clients are welcome to contact the firm anytime for more assistance. Support agents communicate in multiple languages and are pleasant to work with. We contacted the broker using various methods to gauge its responsiveness to our questions, including telephone, email, and live chat. We find the company is quick to respond to clients’ queries raised over the phone and email. However, email correspondence appeared a little slower. Admirals can also be reached on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Admirals Online Reviews

What Reddit Users Say About Admirals

The Reddit community doesn’t seem too excited to talk about Admirals. Most clients have reservations about the company’s fair code of conduct. According to a member on Reddit, it is a privately held brokerage with offices in Estonia and Cyprus. He further said that the thing that bothers him the most is that he can’t tell who the true owners of this company are. 

Admirals Online Reviews

An additional factor that made him worry is that one of the company’s vice presidents appears to have a strong interest in cryptocurrencies, which is not something he would want to see at reputable online brokerages. However, some people have also appraised the company for its low brokerage fees and quick withdrawals. 

Admirals Online Reviews

What Quora Users Say About Admirals

Unlike Reddit, the Quora community seems to favour the company wholeheartedly. While people praise the broker for its budgeted trading solutions and supreme edition of the MT5 trading platform, the company also received appreciation for its wide range of tradable assets. However, we also came across fewer posts where people have denounced the broker for poor withdrawals and the absence of a proprietary trading app. Overall, the company appears in the Quora family’s good books.

Admirals Online Reviews

Trustpilot Users’ Review About Admirals

Admirals holds a tremendous reputation among investors on Trustpilot. More than 80% of clients have casted their vote in favour of the company and marked it to be an excellent choice for trading CFDs. While people have praised the broker for its robust trade execution and quick withdrawals, the company is also appreciated for its low minimum deposit requirements. 

Admirals Online Reviews

Essentially, the 4.6 rating out of 5 after 1.3K+ reviews speaks for itself about the company’s legitimate concerns. Notably, a handful of customers complaining about the broker claims that the company lures clients into unrealistic profit-making deals and bonus offers. 

Admirals Online Reviews

ForexPeaceArmy Users’ Review About Admirals

Admirals’ reputation is also favourable on ForexPeaceArmy. Although some clients seem to have an adverse opinion about the company, most clients are on the positive side. Traders believe the broker is far better than most of the top forex brokers in terms of pricing and trading conditions. The broker is also accused of supporting hedge funds against retail traders. After 147 reviews, Admiral Markets holds a rating of 3.37 out of 5 stars on Forexpeacearmy. 

Admirals Online Reviews

Is Admirals Safe?

Yes! Admirals is heavily regulated in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. Besides keeping clients’ funds in segregated bank accounts, it employs state-of-the-art technology to protect clients’ confidential data. For instance, the company has advanced security protocols in place, including SSL web encryption, two-step authentication, and biometric logins. 

Also, the broker offers negative balance protection so that clients may never lose more funds than they have invested with the company. Moreover, indemnity insurance enables clients to seek compensation up to a specific limit in case the company goes bankrupt. 

However, the unavailability of guaranteed stop loss could result in more losses than anticipated. In short, the company takes reasonable precautions to ensure safe and sound trading conditions. 

Other Products and Services at Admirals

Admirals Wallets

The broker has recently introduced a multi-functional wallet allowing clients to seamlessly store, transact and manage funds in a secure place. Besides providing more control over your funds, it also enables clients to invest in precious metals like Gold without opening an account with the company. Moreover, clients can exchange currencies without additional charges and store up to 20 different currencies using the wallet facility. 

Bottom Line

Admirals has a robust regulatory framework which offers a greater sense of security. The company holds multiple regulations from top-tier regulatory authorities, including FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. In compliance with AML directives, it ensures maximum transparency. In addition to keeping clients’ investments separate from its capital, the broker works with major financial banks and liquidity providers to fill clients’ orders around the clock. 

The account opening process is straightforward but takes a little longer than most other brokerage firms. Clients are not allowed to trade or add funds to their accounts unless their account is verified. Multiple payment options, including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, Poli, and Bank Transfers, make it convenient for clients to fund their accounts using their preferred payment method. 

The social trading experience and the option of swap-free accounts are welcoming features offered by the company. While the provision of demo accounts helps clients learn key trading skills without fearing the risk of loss, they also help them boost their trading confidence before going live. 

Admirals’ low deposit requirements allow everyone to come on board. While the company’s wide array of tradable assets allows clients to pick their favourite tradable assets, the availability of multiple trading tools and indicators enhances clients’ trading experience and helps them trade confidently. The company also offers multilingual customer support five days a week, besides featuring a full fledged FAQs section to help clients find a resolution to their queries on an immediate basis. 

In conclusion, flexible account types, competitive spreads, and rich educational resources are the company’s strong points. However, the unavailability of a proprietary trading platform and lack of a guaranteed stop loss feature makes the broker struggle to compete with the best brokerage firms in the industry. 

Q & A

Admiral Markets’ minimum deposit is $1 if you sign up for an Invest account. However, clients signing up for Trade or Zero accounts need to deposit $25 or equivalent to get started. 

Yes! Admiral Markets’ multiple regulations and compliance with AML directives make it a legit broker. 

The highest leverage you can use on Admiral Markets for retail trading is 1:500. However, clients based in nations with stringent regulatory oversight, such as the UK, Australia, and Cyprus (EU), are limited to a leverage of 1:30.

Yes, you can trade crypto on Admiral Markets. However, the crypto offering is unavailable in some regions due to regulatory restrictions. For example, UK-based clients can trade crypto derivatives amid FCA restrictions. 

Opening a demo account with Admirals is the same as opening a real account. The difference is that you neither verify it nor add funds to it. Instead, it comes virtually funded with one-month validity. However, clients can renew the account and reset the balance as often as they wish.

Investing in real stocks in Admirals is simple. You can either buy real shares or invest your funds in stock indices in 4,300 companies listed on the major global stock exchanges. To start investing, you only need to open an account and invest a minimum of $1.

Yes! Admiral Markets charges a $10 fee on withdrawals. However, the first withdrawal each month comes free of cost. 

Yes! Admiral Markets is a pure MT4 brokerage firm. The company offers the industry standard platform across all channels, including web, desktop and mobile. 

You can log in to your Admirals accounts using your account credentials, provided that you’ve already registered with the company. If you haven’t signed up with the broker yet, you can visit the broker’s official website and fill out the registration form. 

While it depends upon individuals’ trading preferences, the Zero account may be best for beginners since it comes with a deposit of $25, besides having spreads starting at 0 pips. 

Yes! Admiral Markets offer a 100% welcome bonus to its clients. For example, if you deposit $100, the broker credits your account with an additional $100, making it $200 as an available balance to trade. However, clients can’t withdraw the bonus amount.