Plus500 Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Pros, Cons & More

This Plus500 review will equip you with all the information you’ll need about the broker’s different instruments, account types, payment methods, and much more. It will also inform you of any trading and non-trading fees that you may incur, as well as answers to questions you may have about the broker.

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22 Million+ Customers

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74% of CFD accounts lose money.

Spreads From

EURUSD 0.8 pips

What Can You Trade on Plus500

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Trading Platforms


Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster CardPaypalSkrill

Plus500 Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Pros, Cons & More

This Plus500 review will equip you with all the information you’ll need about the broker’s different instruments, account types, payment methods, and much more. It will also inform you of any trading and non-trading fees that you may incur, as well as answers to questions you may have about the broker.

  • author Saman Ali
  • Last updated 12/12/2023

74% of CFD accounts lose money.

Regulated By

Regulated By


Used By

Used By

22 Million+ Customers

Established in

Established in


Spreads From

EURUSD 89 Points

Trading Platforms


What Can You Trade on Plus500

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster CardPaypalSkrill

Plus500 Overview

Introduction to Plus500

Plus500 is a CFD broker that is authorised and regulated by multiple entities. It was founded in 2008. Since then, it has been gaining tremendous success in the trading world due to its wide variety of offerings. In just 14 years of its lifetime, it has gained more than  22 million registered traders as its customers. The platform serves about 50+ countries and offers 2800+ trading instruments. The assets include shares, forex, commodities, cryptos, ETFs, options, and indices. The broker protects its UK’s client money under the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules. As per the rules, this broker holds all clients’ money in segregated client bank accounts and does not use their funds for hedging purposes. Plus500UK Ltd. is a UK-based company listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol PLUS. The company offers a range of trading Platforms named Plus500, WebTrader, and also a Mobile App.

Plus500 Main Features

Minimum Deposit$100
Tradable Symbols2,800+
Number of Pairs70+

The CFD broker’s trading platform offers tight spreads with zero commissions on some of its accounts. The platform gives traders access to highly advanced charting features for technical analysis. It also provides leverages up to 1:30 to its clients from Europe, UK and Australia, and for the rest of the world, the maximum leverage limit is up to 1:300. The deposits and withdrawals at this CFD broker are also fast and secure. It offers multiple global payment methods.

Furthermore, the broker allows traders to explore its trading platforms through its demo account. Plus500 also offers to learn through videos and eBooks to sharpen the trading skills of its customers. The customer service of this platform is available 24/7. It offers negative balance protection and aims to lead technology & innovation to attract new and retain existing customers. To reach its goal, the company established a new R&D centre in Tel Aviv in 2021. The broker has sponsorship deals with many major football clubs. In short, the broker strives to provide every client with an optimum trading platform to trade financial assets efficiently.


  • Multiple regulations around the world
  • 2800+ available CFDs tradable instruments
  • Fast and supportive customer service available 24/7
  • Listed on London Stock Exchange
  • Mobile Trading App
  • Low Trading Fees
  • 100$ minimum deposit
  • Zero Commission


  • Limited crypto CFDs
  • Fewer resources in the educational section
  • No Phone Support
  • Not available in the USA and Pakistan
  • No desktop platform

Plus500 Regulations

Trading with a regulated investment firm ensures the platform is reliable. Plus500 works in a secure, regulated environment following designed rules. We have listed the regulated subsidiaries of Plus500 that operate across the globe:

  • Based in the UK and headquartered in Haifa, Plus500 is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to trade CFDs in the United Kingdom.
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulates and authorises Plus500CY Ltd, which deals with clients in Europe.
  • Plus500SG Pte Ltd got its licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to deal with market products in Singapore.
  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd holds the Australian Securities and Investments Commission licence (AFSEL #417727).
  • FSP No. 486026 got its licence from Financial Markets Authority (FMA) in New Zealand. Authorised Financial Service Provider #47546 from FSCA to deal with clients in South Africa.
  • Seychelles Financial Services Authority regulates Plus500SEY Ltd under the licence number SD039.
  • Plus500IL Ltd focuses on trading in Israel, being registered there.

Supported Countries

The platform supports over 50 countries, including the UK, Australia, major European Countries, New Zealand, Israel, and South Africa. And to make trade possible, the website is available in 30 different languages.

Available Assets at Plus500

Plus500 Review- Available Assets

Plus500 provides over 2,800 CFD trading instruments. These assets include Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Options, and ETFs.


Plus500 allows trading of the top cryptos in the digital market, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano. Investors can diversify their portfolios by staking in the crypt10 index.


Plus500 provides access to 1500+ stocks of CFDs in over 23 countries, including US and UK. The famous stocks are available to traders for trading on the platform. Some of them are NIO, BYD, Moderna, Nikola Corporation, Plantar Technologies, Pfizer, Alibaba, and AstraZeneca. All of these stocks are under a weekly contract.


Oil, Brent Oil, Heating Oil, Gold, Gasoline, Copper, Palladium, and Low Sulphur Gasoil are the commodities on the Plus500 platform. Clients can trade up to 22 commodities CFDs related to gold, oil, and natural gas.


With 28 indices like VIX, Uk100, USA 2000, China 50, and Germany 40, clients can trade on Plus500. Moreover, exotic indices like HUNG and BGCANG are also available.


All of the important currency pairs are available on the platform. You can trade EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, GBP/USD, and many other pairs, up to 71, all valid to be traded from 0.6 pips on the Plus500 platform.


Traders use exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to track an index and trade them like a stock on the Plus500 exchange. There are currently 104 ETF CFDs available on the platform. It includes NUGT, Global X Lithium & Battery Tech, iShares Silver, and USO-Oil Fund.


The Plus500 platform earns from the market spreads. However, they do not affect the traders because of the zero-cost policy. The spread charged by this broker varies from asset to asset.


The maximum leverage offered by Plus500 varies, depending on the country and subsidiary on which the client has registered their account. The regulatory body has set a specific amount of maximum leverage to be offered for an asset, which cannot be changed. In Europe, the maximum leverage offered by Plus500 is up to 1:30. The same is for the UK, Singapore, and Australia. However, Plus500 offers the maximum leverage upto 1:300 to the rest of the world. Please note that the maximum limit for leverage varies in all parts of the world.


Spread (From)Leverage (Up to)


Major Forex Pairs

EUR/USD0.8 pips1:300
GBP/USD1.3 pips1:300
AUD/USD0.8 pips1:300
NZD/USD2.2 pips1:300
USD/CAD2.0 pips1:300
USD/CHF1.7 pips1:300
USD/JPY1.0 pips1:300
DXY3.0 pips1:150

Minor Forex Pairs

EUR/GBP1.5 pips1:300
EUR/AUD3.0 pips1:300
EUR/NZD6.0 pips1:300
EUR/CAD5.0 pips1:200
EUR/CHF3.0 pips1:200
AUD/CAD3.0 pips1:200
AUD/CHF3.0 pips1:200
AUD/JPY2.0 pips1:200
AUD/NZD2.5 pips1:200
CAD/CHF4.0 pips1:200
CAD/JPY3.0 pips1:200
CHF/JPY2.5 pips1:300
EUR/JPY2.0 pips1:300
GBP/AUD2.2 pips1:300
GBP/CAD3.5 pips1:300
GBP/CHF4.0 pips1:200
GBP/JPY3.0 pips1:300
GBP/NZD8.0 pips1:200
NZD/CAD5.0 pips1:300
NZD/CHF4.0 pips1:200
NZD/JPY3.0 pips1:200

Exotic Forex Pairs

USD/SGD4.0 pips1:200
AUD/SGD5.0 pips1:200
EUR/SGD5.0 pips1:200
GBP/SGD6.0 pips1:200
CHF/DKK4.2 pips1:200
CHF/HUF2,954 pips1:200
CHF/NOK17.9 pips1:200
CHF/SEK20.0 pips1:200
EUR/CZK2.4 pips1:200
EUR/DKK1.5 pips1:200
EUR/HUF19.1 pips1:200
EUR/MXN35.0 pips1:20
EUR/NOK9.2 pips1:200
EUR/PLN2.5 pips1:200
EUR/SEK6.1 pips1:200
EUR/ZAR25.0 pips1:200
GBP/DKK2.4 pips1:200
GBP/NOK18.9 pips1:200
GBP/SEK12.6 pips1:200
GBP/THB1.0 pips1:100
GBP/ZAR219.3 pips1:100
USD/CNH1.2 pips1:200
USD/CZK4.6 pips1:100
USD/DKK1.2 pips1:200
USD/HKD0.4 pips1:200
USD/HRK18.0 pips1:100
USD/HUF4.7 pips1:200
USD/KRW3.0 pips1:100
USD/MXN1.0 pips1:20
USD/NOK7.9 pips1:200
USD/PLN4.8 pips1:200
USD/RON11.0 pips1:100
USD/SEK10.3 pips1:200
USD/ZAR13.4 pips1:200
SGD/JPY7.5 pips1:100
DKK/NOK4.1 pips1:200
SEK/NOK1.3 pips1:200


Crude Oil – CL0.4 pips1:100
Natural Gas – NG7.0 pips1:150
Brent Oil – BL0.4 pips1:50
Gold -XAU5.5 pips1:150
Gasoline- RB5.0 pips1:150
Wheat- ZW11.2 pips1:150
Live Cattle- LE10.0 pips1:60
Cotton – CT1.5 pips1:150
Platinum- PL30.0 pips1:150
Silver – XAG3.5 pips1:50
Copper- HG2.0 pips1:150
Coffee – KC2.0 pips1:100
Lean Hogs – HE8.0 pips1:33
Low Sulphur Gasoline – G22.5 pips1:150
Palladium – PA157.5 pips1:150
Cocoa – CC4.0 pips1:20
Corn – ZC9.4 pips1:150
Soybeans – ZS12.0 pips1:150
Feeder Cattle – GF20 pips1:33
Sugar- SB0.3 pips1:100
Heating Oil – HO7.4 pips1:150
EUA – ECF0.6 pips1:150

Plus500 Fees & Commissions

Fee Structure of Plus500

Trading Fees

Most of the services this broker provides its clients are free of charge. The answer to the question: Is Plus500 trustworthy? is that there are no hidden fees, and the platform has 100% transparency with the fee it charges, making Plus500 a trustworthy platform. As stated earlier, the platform gets its share from the spreads or bids.

Buy/Sell or Spread the Cost

Spread cost is the difference between the buy and the sell price of an underlying asset. Plus500 gets compensated when clients open a position. However, the spreads are not constant. They fluctuate depending on the market volatility.


The Plus500 broker does not charge commissions from its customers.

Rollover Rate/Swap Fees

This is an amount that is sometimes added or subtracted from your account whenever you hold a position till the next day. The rate may be positive or negative depending on the instrument and position you opened.

You can check the swap rate on the official website of the platform by going into the details of the instruments, you can find this segment of the main page of the platform.

Non Trading Fees

Deposit, withdrawal, and account closing services are free of charge on Plus500. Regardless, there are some methods the broker might charge the customers other than spreads. You can read the methods in detail below:

Currency Conversion Fee

The platform also charges a currency conversion fee to all its customers for trading on assets denominated in a currency other than their account’s currency. This conversion fee is up to 0.7% of your trade’s realised net outcome (gain or loss).

Inactivity Fee

This fee can be charged if you do not log in to your account and actively participate in trading. If you have not logged in to your account for three months, you will be charged $10 US per month. The fee will keep getting deducted every month from your account until you log in. The fee is for providing all the platform services even if you are not using them. However, it can only be charged if you have enough funds and assets in your Real Money account. It is not charged on the demo account.

Guaranteed Stop Order

This feature guarantees that your trade will close at a specific price, and as a result, it will generate a wider spread on the platform.

Plus500 Trading Platforms

We will discuss the two trading platforms this broker provides accessibility for trading in this section of the review.

  1. Desktop Trading Platform
  2. Mobile App

Desktop Trading Platform

Plus500 Trading Platform

The Plus500 trading platform offers trading through WebTrader that can be accessed through a web browser, laptops, phones, and tablets. Plus500 does not offer its clients desktop trading platform. These are the features of the desktop trading platforms:

Customise Charts and Lists

plus500 charts

WebTrader lets customers create watchlists, evaluate charts, join trades, and monitor market positions.

Multi-tasking (Demo and Live Trading)

Multitasking at Plus500

Plus500 provides a free demo account, and the WebTrader platform allows you to easily switch between demo and live trading with a single click. A dark mode option, also accessible with a single click, helps make the screen easier on your eyes at night. Furthermore, the WebTrader also allows the traders to open multiple charts simultaneously to keep an eye on more than one financial asset.

Trader Sentiment

trader sentiment Plus500

WebTrader platform alerts can notify you when the price of an asset reaches a certain level or changes by a certain percentage. You can also choose to be notified if Plus500 Traders’ Sentiments reach a certain threshold. Traders’ Sentiment depicts the percentage of Plus500 clients who are long (buyers) versus the percentage who are short (sellers). When Trader Sentiment reaches extreme levels, such as 95% long and 5% short, it is recognized as a potentially powerful contrarian indicator.

Risk Management Feature

It is available on all standard order types, including market, limit, and stop-loss. There are also trailing stop orders and guaranteed stop-loss orders. Guaranteed stop-loss features can protect traders from unexpected market swings, but they come at a premium.

Indicators and Drawing Tools

The WebTrader platform has strong charting capabilities. Several chart types are available, including Candles, Renko, and Range Bars. Over 100 technical indicators and traditional drawing tools such as Fibonacci retracement levels are also available. Chart time frames range from one minute to one week.

User-Friendly Search Tool

Traders frequently need to access an instrument quickly. A good search feature is an essential component of a trading platform. Plus500 has an excellent search tool at the top of the screen, making it extremely simple to locate whatever asset you want.


Plus500 Alerts

Email, SMS, and push notifications can all be used to receive alerts. The user-friendly features of this platform have made it an excellent platform for beginners.

How to Open a Live Account & Place a Trade on Plus500 Desktop Trading Platform

Opening an account with Plus500 is a straightforward process that can be done within a day.

  1. Go to the official website and click the ‘start trading now’ option on the main page. Plus500 account opening
  2. This leads to a page that will ask about your account mode. Select the real money option to start trading real assets. Plus500 account opening
  3. You can select certain options to create your account, either link with your Facebook or use email. iOS users can also create an account with their Apple ID. After entering the basic details, click on the create account button. Plus500 account opening
  4. Submit verification documents like your ID, passport, or Driver’s licence and complete the registration. Plus500 account verification
  5. Choose a payment method after your account is approved. Plus500 provides Credit Cards, Debit Cards, wire transfers, PayPal, Skrill, etc as payment options. Plus500 account deposit
  6. You can access any assets you want to trade on the platform by clicking the trade button. Plus500 platform
  7. For the final step, choose your preferred assets and start trading. Plus500 Review- Account Opening Process
  8. This account-making process does not require any deposit or registration fee. But, to start trading, you have to make a deposit.

Mobile App

Plus500 Mobile app

Plus500 has a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. The phone app operates very similarly to that of the web platform. It has an easy-to-use interface including several valuable features explained below:

  • A verification code sent via SMS for each login from a new device is used to improve security.
  • Plus500 users can switch between a demo account and live trading within the app.
  • Users can receive alerts via email, SMS, or push notifications whenever an asset reaches a certain point.
  • The Plus500 economic calendar displays vital information about future releases. The estimated market impact, analysts’ expectations, and previous release figures. It also shows the tools most likely to be affected by the news.
  • Users can track popular instruments, a specific asset class, risers, and fallers or construct their list of tools to follow. All of these can be found under the categories tab.

Mobile Charts

The mobile app’s charting is reliable, and its features include:

  • 13 Different Chart Types: A wider than average range of charts, from bar charts to point and figure charts.
  • 10 Time Frames: They vary from one minute to one week.
  • 110 different indicators: From Accumulation/Distribution to ZigZag, there is an extensive range of indicators (more than MetaTrader).
  • 21 Drawing Instruments: Classics such as Fibonacci, Gartley, and Pitchfork are among them.

How to Open an Account on Plus500 Mobile App

The whole process of Plus500 mobile account is similar to its web account opening process. Clients must follow the given below steps to open an account.

  1. Download the Plus500 Trading mobile app from GooglePlay or Apple App Store. Plus500 app download
  2. Open the mobile app and click on the “New User” button on the bottom of the screen. (if you already have an account with Plus500, then click on the “Login” button). Plus500 mobile app
  3. Enter your details on the Signup page. Only an email ID and password is required. Click “continue” to proceed to the next step.
  4. Complete the KYC process and verify your ID and Address by submitting necessary documents like Passport ID and Bank Statement.
  5.  After verifying your account, you can now add funds. Choose any payment method of your preference from various available methods at Plus500. Submit your amount and your account is ready to trade CFDs or invest in Stocks/ETFs.

Plus500 mobile app

Plus500 Account Types

Plus500 offers different account types. There are two basic accounts offered to start trading. However, if we add the demo account service to it, then in total, there are three accounts provided to the clients of the platform.

Demo Account

The best feature of the demo account is that it does not have a limit, you initially are granted 40,000 EUR/USD/GBP and then once your account balance drops to 200 EUR/USD/GBP or lower, Plus500 automatically restores the initial 40,000 amount. You can keep getting the benefit of the demo account for as long as possible to enhance your knowledge and trading skills. 

You can use this demo account to learn CFD skills and try out new strategies to ensure they work out. This account does not require you to fund it with tangible assets of funds. You can use virtual purchases that ensure there are no risks, even if you lose your funds. For this reason, this account is also called a paper trading account.  

Standard Account

Standard Account requires real funds to start trading and it is used by most of the Plus500 clients. It only requires a deposit of $100 to start trading after completing the registration process.

To create a standard account on the platform, you only need your personal information. You will need to submit your ID and proof of residency. Your account will be created after filling out and submitting the form. Then you can start trading after making an initial deposit.

To start trading, you are not required to download any software. The broker platform has a web-based platform that allows online trading.

Professional Account

This professional account is not accessible to all customers of the platform. Only registered clients of the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe have access to create these accounts. The main key features of this account include:

  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Commission-free trading
  • Minimal Spreads
  • Stop order in 4 different types
  • Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)
  • Access to the proprietary Plus500 trading platform
  • Access to high leverage

Eligibility in Europe and UK

Moreover, for its eligibility, you must follow at least two platforms’ requirements, even if you are an account holder in the UK or Europe.

  • Ten transactions per quarter in the previous year on average.
  • A diversified portfolio with over €500,000 in your account.
  • Experienced in the digital market.

Eligibility in Australia

As an Australian account holder, you must meet at least one of the platform requirements from the following.

  • Total assets of 2,500,000 AUD.
  • Past two years’ income of at least 250,000 AUD.

You are provided with the extra benefits of increased leverage of up to 1:300 for forex, better spreads, and promotions on this account type.

Account Base Currency

Plus500, as an international CFD platform, offers various conditions and options as base currencies. Everything is dependent on your country and the subsidiary you used to open your account.

Nonetheless, Plus500 accepts major currencies such as the Euro, USD, Australian Dollar (AUD), and British Pound (GBP) for all of its customers.

Plus500 Payment Methods

Plus500 Payment Methods

Deposit Methods

Several methods can be used to deposit funds on the Plus500 platform.

  • Only Visa and MasterCard debit cards, and credit cards are accepted (there may be further limitations depending on your region).
  • Digital Wallets (PayPal & Skrill).
  • Transfer by a bank (direct bank-to-bank funds transfer).

The source of the funds transferred to the trading account must be in the user’s account name. Due to anti-money laundering regulations, anonymous funds transfer activities are not permitted.

Each payment mode has a limit, but bank transfers are allowed to call up the highest transactional volume.

  • Minimum Deposit: $100 for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, & Skrill.
  • Minimum Deposit: $500 for Wire Transfers.

However, there are limitations to the maximum amount that can be transferred or deposited based on the region you have registered your account in. The maximum deposit amount per transaction for each available method is listed on the deposit page on the official website. In some cases, your deposit may be limited for specific reasons. For Example, to meet the margin requirements, you should consider lowering the total number of open Transactions.

Most of the deposit methods available at Plus500 are instant. Let us see the approximate deposit transfer time for all methods:

MethodDeposit Transfer Time
Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard)Immediate
Debi Cards (Visa & MasterCard)Immediate
Bank WireUp to Five (5) Business Days

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods are the same methods available for deposits on Plus500. These include Wire Transfers, Credit/Debit Visa and Master Cards, and Electronic Wallets (PayPal & Skrill). Normally, it takes not more than 3 working days to process a withdrawal. Traders can only withdraw money once they have entirely completed the verification process. A copy of passport, or any other ID verification, along with an active mobile phone & email is a must to submit for processing withdrawal requests. Traders can select any payment method from the available options at Plus500 to select their preferred way to receive funds.

Furthermore, the minimum withdrawal amount depends on the selected method. For example, traders can withdraw over $100 through bank transfers and $50 through Electronic wallets. However, if traders do not have enough money left in their trading accounts, then they will need to deposit an extra amount, to fulfil the requirement of the minimum amount and complete the withdrawal request.

In addition, there is one more condition for withdrawal at Plus500. According to the withdrawal policy of Plus500, funds can only be withdrawn to the payment method you deposited with. For example: If you added $250 funds with Paypal to your Plus500 account, then you must withdraw that $250 to Paypal. You cannot request them to withdraw to your bank account. However, in case you have made a profit and want to withdraw the extra amount, you can then withdraw it to your bank account.

How can you withdraw funds from Plus500?

To make a withdrawal, click on “Funds” and select the “Withdrawal” option. After choosing a withdrawal method, you can press the “Open to Withdrawal” button. Your withdrawal will be processed in 1 business day.

Education at Plus500

Plus500 Review - Education

The education centre of the platform includes a comprehensive eBook and video tutorials. The platform has 10 ‘how to’ videos covering basic online trading topics; what is trading? How can it be done? And how the platform features can be used to carry out smooth trades? These videos are a few minutes long and accessible for clients to watch.

Moreover, the website has an eBook called ‘Trading with Plus500’. The book is a step-by-step guide to using the tools, instruments, and platform features. Also, the FAQ section has detailed answers for traders who want quick answers regarding the account verification process, fees, opening an account, regulators, etc. The Plus500 platform also provides a demo account that allows clients to trade with virtual money.

However, the platform does not facilitate webinars or additional courses that other major platforms offer to their clients.

Plus500 Customer Support

Plus500 Review - Customer Support

Plus500 provides remarkable 24/7 customer support. The official website of the broker has a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers every possible question that might arise in the traders’ minds. However, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can contact the support team via e-mail and live chat options. Furthermore, phone service is not available on the Plus500.

Apart from sending an email, customers can get help through the Live Chat feature of the Plus500 broker as well. It can be accessed on both WebTrader and Mobile App. The customer service replies very fast and provides satisfactory answers.

Plus500 Online Reviews

What do Reddit Users say About Plus500?

People on Reddit have objective views about the platform. They are not criticising it nor calling it the best platform out there either. One of the users has given a review while maintaining an unbiased view explaining both the platform’s good and bad features.

What do Reddit Users say About Plus500?

Another user of Plus500 on Reddit seems to be highly upset with some inconveniences he faced with the broker. He has criticised the swap, user interface, and stop-loss feature of this broker.

What do Reddit Users say About Plus500?

What do Quora Users say About Plus500?

People on Quora did not seem to have a good experience with Plus500. One of the users called trading on the platform an act of gambling. He said that most of the profits get eaten by the broker’s fees or commissions. Another user wrote it would be better to do a regular job as trading is unrealistic.

What do Quora Users say About Plus500?

What do Quora Users say About Plus500?

One of Quora’s users seems to like using the Plus500 platform. According to him, Plus500 gives professional brokerage services. He thinks it is a nice place to buy and trade CFDs on spare time. He likes spending his free time trading through this broker to earn some passive income.

plus500 review
Trustpilot Users Reviews About Plus500

The users of TrustPilot seem to have an excellent experience with the platform. One of the users talked about the platform’s user-friendly features calling it a good platform. Another user praised the security system of Plus500, saying that this platform is a secure place to do trading. Plus500 has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 at TrustPilot.

Trustpilot Users Reviews About Plus500

ForexPeaceArmy Users Reviews About Plus500

The ForexPeaceArmy users did not seem satisfied with the services of Plus500. One user called it a scam platform. He shared his experience of how the customer support team did not reach back to him when he sent emails several times to reset his password. He lost his investment and faced problems while resetting his password. Plus500 has a rating of 1.588 out of 5 on ForexPeaceArmy.

ForexPeaceArmy Users Reviews About Plus500

Is Plus500 Safe?

YES! Pus500 is safe. It is authorised and regulated by top-tier regulators around the world. They include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and Authorised Financial Services Provider in South Africa. The broker, based in London, is listed on the London Stock Exchange, proving its authorization. More than 22 million traders are registered under the Plus500 platform.

Moreover, the financial information is transparent, meaning there are no hidden fees. The platform is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that transfers customers’ personal information to a secure environment.

Other Products and Services at Plus500

Plus500 Affiliate Program

plus500 affiliate program

You can earn extra income on Plus500 by being an affiliate. It is a program that pays the users of Plus500 for bringing new customers in. Most companies use this type of affiliate program to attract new customers. The actual payment is only made at the time of introduction to a new customer. The best thing about such an affiliate program is that it does not cost a penny to Plus500 as long as the number of clients increases. The registration process for Plus500 Affiliate Program is free of charge.

Requirements to use Plus500 Affiliate

  • A website regarding trading or any other money-related matters.
  • An account within the Plus500 Affiliate Program.
  • Registration of your website on the program (add URLs)
  • Approved by Plus500 to start promoting Plus500

 Bottom Line

Plus500 provided us with an overall positive experience. The WebTrader platform is one of the most user-friendly and convenient on the market. A diverse range of instruments to trade with excellent features and a 24/7 customer support team to guide the clients is available.

As discussed in this Plus500 Review, this is an excellent platform for newcomers and casual traders. The demo account offered by Plus500 provides limitless time to practise trading skills. Furthermore, the broker also gives virtual money to its clients to have a live trading experience. It does not charge any hidden fee to its clients. In addition, the fee charged by Plus500 is very transparent as the whole fee structure is available on the website.

Plus500 excel in almost every category. From different accounts requiring the same deposit to multiple tradable assets and a mobile app. As well as advanced trading tools that allow customising charts. Also, it offers 24/7 customer support. Moreover, the FAQ section is also very detailed and comprehensive.

Q & A

Yes, Plus500 offers a demo account to its clients to have real trading experience for free. 

Yes! The Plus500 offers a trading app compatible with both Android and iOS software. 

The minimum deposit for Plus500 is $100. However, it can vary when converted into the local currency of another country.

The broker does not require a withdrawal fee to withdraw any amount. Clients can withdraw their funds any time they desire. 

Plus500 offers six cryptos and ten crypto indexes, so yes you can trade cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Plus500 charges no commission or deposit and withdrawal fees. However, you can expect to incur spread costs, inactivity fees, currency conversion fees and swap fees.

Plus500 gets compensated every time you open a position and also earns from other fees like inactivity fees.

Simply create an account with the online broker, add funds to your account and you can begin investing in the hundreds of stocks offered on the platform.

Most would agree that it’s a good place for beginners to start their trading journey due to the vast amount of educational resources available and its user-friendly platform. The fact that they charge no commission on trades is also another plus point.

The maximum leverage varies depending on your country of residence. If you are a European or Australian client, your leverage is capped at 1:30 while the rest of the world is free to trade with leverage up to 1:300.