SwissQuote Review 2024: Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

SwissQuote prides itself on having a legacy that supports the democratization of trading and finance. This review will provide all the details and information regarding the broker’s verification and investment safety policies, account opening procedures, regulations, spreads, leverage, deposits and withdrawals, and online trading fees.

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1,000,000+ Customers

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74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Spreads From

EURUSD 1.7 pips

What Can You Trade on SwissQuote

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Trading Platforms


Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster Card

SwissQuote Review 2024: Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

SwissQuote prides itself on having a legacy that supports the democratization of trading and finance. This review will provide all the details and information regarding the broker’s verification and investment safety policies, account opening procedures, regulations, spreads, leverage, deposits and withdrawals, and online trading fees.

  • author Saman Ali
  • Last updated 12/12/2023

74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Regulated By

Regulated By


Used By

Used By

1,000,000+ Customers

Established in

Established in


Spreads From

EURUSD 89 Points

Trading Platforms


What Can You Trade on SwissQuote

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster Card

SwissQuote Overview

Swissquote Review

SwissQuote, founded in 1996, offers 3 million+ trading instruments and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Their asset classes are greatly varied and include 75+ forex pairs, 335+ Stocks CFD, 9,000+ ETFs, 25+ Indices, 53+ Theme Trading, 90,000+ Derivatives, 22+ Commodities, 45+ Forex Options, 35+ Cryptos, 20,000+ Funds, and 58,600+ Bonds.

SwissQuote Main Features

Minimum Deposit$1,000
Tradable Symbols3m+
Number of Pairs75+

The broker grants its clients access to four trading platforms including eTrading, Advanced Trader and MetaTrader 4 & 5, to make trading accessible to all clients, regardless of their goals and portfolios. Apart from providing standard trading services, SwissQuote also offers credit solutions and leasing to its clients.

SwissQuote’s trading platform offers very narrow spreads with zero commissions on some of its accounts. Their platform allows traders to have access to highly advanced charting features for technical analysis. Being a well-known broker, it has helped traders execute even the most complex of trading strategies.

Education resources too are available to enhance the trading knowledge and skills of their traders. Traders can be rest assured that they are investing in a secure environment, with the broker being regulated by the top regulating bodies around the world. The regulatory bodies include FINMA, FCA, DFSA, SFC, MFSA, and MAS.

In this SwissQuote review, we will take a closer look at the broker’s pros and cons, regulations, leverage, fees, payment methods, account types, trading platforms, account verification, a step-by-step guide on how to open a trading account, online reviews, customer support, and other products and services.


  • Access to 3 Million+ Products
  • Instinctive and State-of-Art Trading Platform
  • A Reputable and Regulated Swiss Bank
  • High-Functioning and Advanced Mobile Applications
  • Multilingual Customer Support Team
  • Availability of Educational Resources
  • No Inactivity Fee


  • Single Method of Withdrawal
  • Some Research Tools are not Available for Free
  • High Trading Fees
  • Complex Trading Platforms
  • High Minimum Deposits
  • Withdrawal Fees

SwissQuote Regulations

One of the most important points a review should mention is whether or not the broker is regulated by any authority. Regulation ensures that the broker complies with all of the regulatory obligations and is safe to trade with. Here are the different entities of SwissQuote in several regions along with the names of the regulatory bodies and office address.

SwissQuote Bank Ltd.: This entity is regulated and authorized by the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in Switzerland. Their headquarters is at Ch. de la Cretaux 33, P.O. Box 319, 1196 Gland, Switzerland. The Zurich office address is at Löwenstrasse 62, Postfach 2017, 8021 Zürich, Switzerland.

SwissQuote Ltd.: In order to ensure the highest transparency and ethical standards, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has regulated and authorized SwissQuote Ltd making sure that their clients can trade tension free. SwissQuote is located at Boston House, 63-64 New Broad Street, London EC2M 1JJ, United Kingdom.

SwissQuote MEA Ltd.: This entity holds a category 3A license from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The office is located at Al Fattan Currency House, Level 9, Office 903, Tower 2, DIFC P.O. Box 121364 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

SwissQuote Asia Ltd.: This Hong Kong office works under the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), which has provided it with a Type 3 license (Leverage Foreign Exchange Trading) to provide reliable and systematic forex services. It is located at Suites 3202-04, Level 32/F, ICBC Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.

SwissQuote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd.: This entity is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and has been awarded a category 4 license to enable them to carry out their funding and investing activities in the region. The office address is Palazzo Spinola, 46 St. Christopher’s Street, Valletta, VLT 1464, Malta.

SwissQuote Pte Ltd.: This entity in Singapore acquired a Capital Markets Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Its location is at Office 34-01A, One Raffles Quay, North Tower, Singapore 048583.

SwissQuote Bank Europe: Situated in Luxembourg, this entity provides a multicurrency trading account with services in all domains including equity trading, cryptocurrency, and ETFs. It is regulated and owns a banking license from CSSF, which is further supervised by the European Central Bank. The office is located at 2 rue Edward Steichen, L-2958 Luxembourg.

SwissQuote Tech Hub Bucharest S.R.L.: The entity is a technology company that provides software solutions to the SwissQuote Group. Their office location is 5-7 Dimitrie Pompeiu Bvd, Hermes, Business Building, Campus 1, 2nd Floor, Office 232, Bucharest, Sector 2, Romania.

Supported Countries

SwissQuote’s trading platform allows traders from all over the world to trade primarily in the following exchanges: SIX Swiss Exchange, North America (USA and Canada), USA, CME and ISE, Europe (GB, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia), Eurex, Forex, Euwax. It is worth mentioning that SwissQuote is not available in the US.

SwissQuote’s official website supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Available Assets at SwissQuote

Swissquote- Available Assets

After conducting a thorough review of SwissQuote, we discovered that it deals with over 3 Million+ trading instruments. These include 75+ forex pairs, 335+ Stocks CFD,  9,000+ ETFs, 25+ Indices, 53+ Theme Trading, 90,000+ Derivatives, 22+ Commodities, 45+ Forex Options, 35+ Cryptos, 20,000+ Funds, and 58,600+ Bonds.


SwissQuote offers 35+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, etc. Crypto is a new market with emerging and endless opportunities for investors. The market is volatile but high risks end up in high-return opportunities as well. Cryptos are traded throughout the day and night. The broker provides a promising feature of a wallet where investors can manage and keep their cryptocurrencies safe. The transfer of crypto and connecting to different blockchains is also possible with this wallet.

Swissquote - Crypto Assets


Investing in stocks has always been beneficial for long, as well as short time periods. You can access 335+ stocks CFDs to trade with. The company also offers investment in real stocks listed on 60 different stock exchanges worldwide. Two types of returns are possible when investing in stocks: one is capital appreciation and the other is dividend income. SwissQuote offers competitive prices and there are no account maintenance fees.

Swissquote - Stocks


SwissQuote allows trading on commodities through forward and synthetic contracts. The 22+ famous commodities offered by SwissQuote include crude oil, copper, gasoline, heating oil, and natural gas.

Swissquote - Commodities

CFDs and Stock Indices

Contract For Difference (CFD) is the contract in which the investor takes control of the asset. SwissQuote provides the advantage to trade on the movements of worldly stocks but also on the movements of stock indices of America, Europe, and Japan e.g US500, DE40, US100, etc. CFDs are available both on the forward and spot. Forward has an expiration date whereas spot does not have an expiration date. Overnight rollover interest applies on the spot. SwissQuote is one of the Online CFD brokers that allows its clients to trade 25+ indices as CFDs.

Swissquote - CFDs

Forex Pairs

The Forex market is by far the largest decentralized market that provides trading opportunities in currency and precious metals. The forex market is open 24/5 and it is a highly liquid market. SwissQuote is one of the best forex brokers in the market today. It offers 75+ forex pairs. The broker also offers low-margin rates and competitive spreads with micro, mini, and standard lots available for all platforms.

Forex options

Forex options also known as currency options are the derivatives that provide the right to sell or buy a specific currency at a pre-agreed exchange rate on a specified date. They are used in hedging risks. A premium is paid to the seller. SwissQuote offers 45+ instruments and allows traders to fix strike prices with one-pip accuracy. The maturity dates can be adjusted from 1 day to 1 year.

Swissquote - Forex Options


Exchange Traded funds (ETFs) are traded just like stocks. SwissQuote, being the top bank for Swiss ETFs, offers its clients the option to trade a variety of 9,000+ ETFs. ETFs are highly liquid and give a low expense ratio. Active and passive investments are both available on the broker.

Swissquote - ETFs


SwissQuote offers some government bonds that can be traded. The bonds include the US T-Bond, the German Bond, and British Long Gilt. Investors can hedge by trading long-term interest rates on these bonds. There are 53,400+ bonds available at SwissQuote.

Swissquote - Bonds


Spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price of the instrument. SwissQuote offers spreads of varying sizes depending on the instruments and the type of account the trader chooses.


By using leverage, the trader borrows money to increase their exposure to the market. SwissQuote offers flexible leverage options. For example, SwissQuote has a leverage up to 1:100 for retail clients, which means for trading a lot size of $100,000 you must have 1% of this amount, $1,000, funded on your trading account.

The leverage for a specific asset is the same for all types of accounts except a professional account. The leverage is up to 1:100 for forex pairs & forex options, and up to 1:50 for precious metals, indices, commodities, and bonds. Additionally, the leverage for stock CFDs is 1:20. For professional accounts, the leverage for all assets is up to 1:400 upon request. Swissquote also offers different leverage to clients from different regions. For Instance, the leverage requirement for stock CFDs trading in the UK is up to 1:5, however, the leverage ratio in UAE is up to 1:20.

The table below shows the minimum spread and maximum leverage on forex pairs and commodities CFDs at Swissquote.


Standard Account Spreads (From)Leverage (Up to)


Major Forex Pairs

EUR/USD1.7 pips1:100
USD/JPY1.6 pips1:100
GBP/USD2.0 pips1:100
USD/CHF2.0 pips1:100
USD/CAD2.7 pips1:100
AUD/USD1.6 pips1:100
NZD/USD2.3 pips1:100

Minor Forex Pairs

EUR/GBP1.7 pips1:100
EUR/AUD2.8 pips1:100
GBP/JPY2.9 pips1:100
GBP/CAD3.2 pips1:100
NZD/JPY1.7 pips1:100
EURCHF2.4 pips1:100
EUR/JPY2.5 pips1:100
NZD/CAD2.4 pips1:100
NZD/CHF1.6 pips1:100
EUR/CAD2.8 pips1:100
GBP/AUD3.2 pips1:100
GBP/NZD3.8 pips1:100
AUD/CAD2.1 pips1:100
AUD/CHF1.8 pips1:100
AUD/JPY1.9 pips1:100
CAD/CHF1.8 pips1:100
AUD/CHF1.8 pips1:100
AUD/NZD2.4 pips1:100
CAD/JPY1.9 pips1:100
CHF/JPY2.2 pips1:100
EUR/NZD3.4 pips1:100
GBP/CHF2.6 pips1:100

Exotic Forex Pairs

USD/CNH16.4 pips1:25
USD/TRY8.1 pips1:2.5
USD/MXN39.2 pips1:25
USD/NOK20.4 pips1:25
USD/SEK20.5 pips1:50
USD/ZAR93.5 pips1:20
EUR/CZK44.5 pips1:25
GBP/NOK34.5 pips1:100
GBP/PLN14.2 pips1:100
GBP/SEK29.9 pips1:100
GBP/SGD4.5 pips1:25
HKD/JPY26.4 pips1:25
CAD/SGD2.7 pips1:25
CHF/DKK16.0 pips1:10
CHF/HUF11.1 pips1:50
CHF/NOK17.3 pips1:50
CHF/PLN9.4 pips1:50
CHF/SEK22.2 pips1:50
CHF/SGD3.1 pips1:25
DKK/SEK3.6 pips1:10
EUR/HKD21.3 pips1:10
EUR/HUF9.9 pips1:50
EUR/NOK19.7 pips1:50
EUR/PLN10.0 pips1:50
EUR/SEK20.2 pips1:50
EUR/SGD3.7 pips1:25
EUR/TRY8.8 pips1:2.5
EUR/ZAR100.2 pips1:25
GBP/DKK22.4 pips1:10
GBP/HUF11.3 pips1:100
GBP/TRY11.4 pips1:2.5
NOK/JPY26.4 pips1:25
NOK/SEK2.6 pips1:25
NZD/DKK11.1 pips1:10
NZD/SEK14.6 pips1:50
NZD/SGD2.5 pips1:25
SEK/JPY32.4 pips1:50
SGD/JPY32.4 pips1:50
SGD/HKD13.6 pips1:25
SGD/JPY1.8 pips1:25
TRY/JPY5.4 pips1:2.5
USD/CZK65.0 pips1:25
USD/DKK16.6 pips1:10
USD/HKD18.3 pips1:10
USD/HUF7.3 pips1:50
USD/ILS25.0 pips1:100
USD/SGD3.3 pips1:25


XAU/AUD3.8 pips1:50
XAU/CHF2.9 pips1:50
XAU/EUR2.7 pips1:50
XAU/GBP2.3 pips1:50
XAU/USD2.9 pips1:50
XPD/USD360 pips1:5
XPT/USD410 pips1:5
XAG/AUD20.1 pips1:20
XAG/CHF11.0 pips1:20
XAG/EUR10.3 pips1:20
XAG/GBP12.9 pips1:20
XAG/USD11.8 pips1:20
US Crude Oil5.0 pips1:25
UK Crude Oil5.0 pips1:25
Natural Gas3.1 pips1:5
Heating Oil2.1 pips1:25
US Copper6.1 pips1:25
Gasoline2.9 pips1:25
Gas Oil12.5 pips1:25
Synthetic Copper2.9 pips1:25
Synthetic Crude Oil UK4.0 pips1:25
Synthetic Natural Gas2.8 pips1:12.5
Spot WTI Crude Oil5.0 pips1:25

SwissQuote Fees and Commission

SwissQuote trading costs are quite high. Other online trading brokers charge much lower fees as compared to this broker. In this section, we will review the broker’s fees: trading and non-trading. Trading fees are incurred when you place a trade. The trading fees include spread and commissions. On the other hand, non-trading fees include any fees charged by the broker irrespective of the trading such as, inactivity fees and withdrawal fees.

Trading Fees

SwissQuote does not compromise on the quality of the services it provides to its users and that’s why the trading fees are higher than other brokers. It gives the option to choose a fixed-rate plan in which a set of purchases can be made at a flat price. The default pricing structure it offers is volume based. The price is inversely proportional to the trade volume. The bigger the trade volume, the smaller the price.


If you didn’t know already, a spread is simply the difference between the buy and sell price of a stock. For standard, premium, and prime accounts, the spread on EUR/USD is 1.7 pips, 1.4 pips, and 1.1 pips respectively. The spread rates are dependent on the market conditions.


On Forex and CFDs, SwissQuote doesn’t charge any commission fees.

Rollover Fees/Swap Rates

SwissQuote charges a swap/rollover fee. Traders are to be reimbursed or debited for keeping their positions open from one day to the next if they hold a CFD position overnight. Finally, there will be a borrowing charge for the overnight holding of a short CFD position.

Non-Trading Fees

Non-trading fees are those fees that are incurred by a trader when using a broker’s financial services, irrespective of the number or type of trades they make. Let’s take a closer look at them in this part of the review.

Withdrawal Fees

There is no deposit fee for anyone but a withdrawal fee is charged by SwissQuote. The withdrawal fee is CHF 2/€2/$10 depending on the currency.

Account Fees

SwissQuote does not charge an account fee.

Inactivity Fee

If the user has not been trading and has had no open options for like 6 months or more in a row, an inactivity fee is charged by SwissQuote. Only retail clients are charged an inactivity fee – money managers, brokers, and corporate and institutional clients are exempted from this fee. SwissQuote charges a maximum of 10 units from the base currency (CHF, USD, EUR, or GBP) on a monthly basis in respect of the inactivity fee.

SwissQuote Trading Platforms

Swissquote - Trading Platforms

SwissQuotes offers multiple trading platforms, which include eTrading, Advanced Trader and MetaTrader 4 & 5. The platforms can be accessed on both desktop and Mobile apps. We will explore the features of these platforms in this section of the review.

Desktop Trading Platform

eTrading is a desktop trading platform offered by SwissQuote which provides an instinctive solution to investment opportunities. The platform is available in multiple languages including Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Swissquote - Desktop Trading Platform

Here are the features of the eTrading platform:


eTrading provides an integrated watchlist to keep a check on securities. The traders can edit, add and manage the securities. It has become easier for users to configure personal watchlists.

Swissquote- Watchlist


Widgets are available on SwissQuote desktop trading platform. It helps to create one’s personal space in a desirable way. The features are available on the home screen for quick access by traders in the form of widgets.

Swissquote - Widgets

Search Tab

A quick search tab to search securities by name, symbol, or ISIN. This feature helps traders in the hassle-free selection of securities. Instead of going through a complete list of securities, the traders can quickly choose the one they are in search of.

Swissquote - Search Tab

Financial News

The most recent financial news is available on eTrading. This feature helps to keep the traders updated with all the recent happenings in the financial market.

Swissquote - Financial News

How to Open a Trading Account with Desktop Trading Platform?

  1. Open the official website  Swissquote - Desktop Account Opening Process
  2. Go to the “Start trading” option on the home page. Swissquote - Desktop Account Opening Process
  3. Choose the type of private or crypto asset account you want to open. Swissquote - Desktop Account Opening Process
  4. Here we want to open a trading account. For a trading account, this window appears. Swissquote - Desktop Account Opening Process
  5. Provide the required personal details. After the submission of the personal details form, the username and password will be allotted to you. Swissquote - Desktop Account Opening Process
  6. Click on “Next Step” after receiving your username and password through email or sms. After the identification through video conference, sign the account opening contract, and submit the required documents, your application will go into processing. Swissquote - Desktop Account Opening Process
  7. Once the account is verified, you can fund your account via bank transfer or credit/debit card.
  8. Select your preferred payment method and enter the amount to be deposited.
  9. Authenticate your payment details and start trading with your desired trading instruments.

Mobile Trading App

SwissQuote is facilitating its customers by providing free mobile apps to trade wherever they are. The interface is secure and fast, with constantly innovative functionalities. The SwissQuote Trading App is available for both Android and iPhone users. Users can download the app on their Smart TV and Apple watches too. The app language depends on the language of your phone. The mobile trading platform is available for all web trading platforms that include eTrading, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and Advanced Trader.

Swissquote- Mobile Trading App

The following are some features of the Swissquote Trading App.

News Updates

The trading app offers the latest news update for all of the tradable assets. The daily top news is an excellent feature of the SwissQuote mobile trading app. The traders get all the recent news regarding the assets and financial markets in just one go.

Swissquote - News Update

Charting and Analysis Tool

The sophisticated charting and analysis tools are a great feature of the SwissQuote mobile trading app. This feature enables the traders to make comparisons between the assets and securities within different time periods. The users can access charting tools without logging in to any trading account.

Swissquote - Charting Tools

One Click Orders

SwissQuote considered the traders’ patterns of repeating their trading habits. That is why they introduced a feature in their mobile trading app. The feature allows opening a new position for preferred instrument(s) in a single click.

Swissquote - One Click Order

How to Open a Trading Account on SwissQuote Mobile Trading App

  1. Download the SwissQuite Trading app from AppleStore or Google PlayStore.
  2. Open the SwissQuote mobile app. Choose the platform you want to trade with, remember that the available options are SwissQuote Bank SA and SwissQuote Bank Europe SA. Swissquote - Mobile Account Opening Process
  3. Follow that up by clicking the checkbox and click on “Enter and Start Trading”. Swissquote - Mobile Account Opening Process
  4. Click on the three lines in the top left corner. Swissquote - Mobile Account Opening Process
  5. Choose your login option. Swissquote - Mobile Account Opening Process
  6. Now choose “Open An Account. Swissquote - Mobile Account Opening Process
  7. A window similar to the desktop trading platform appears. It will request you to submit your personal details and credentials as mentioned above. After verification of your identity and uploading documents, the account opening gets into the processing phase. Swissquote - Mobile Account Opening Process
  8. After verification, the next step is to deposit funds in your account to access trading. The payment methods available at Swissquote Mobile Trading App include credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Select the preferred payment method and enter the desired amount to add funds to your account.
  9. After the funds are added, you are good to trade. Select the trading instrument you want to trade with and place your bet.

SwissQuote Account Types

SwissQuote offers three account types. The type of account varies based on the products available to trade, the minimum deposit required, and the available markets.

Demo Account

Demo account is available for users to review their trading strategies, test the trading platforms and their features without losing any funds. The demo account is available for Advanced Trader, Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 to explore all the amazing insights of these platforms. Over 4,000+ financial instruments and virtual funds of up to $100,000 are available on the demo account.

Trading Account

The trading account is an interface that allows buying and selling of shares. There is no minimum deposit for trading accounts. The equities, ETFs, funds, bonds, futures, options, forex, and CFDs are traded through trading accounts. For this account type, the available trading platform is eTrading.

Forex Account

A forex account needs a minimum deposit of $10,000 – 50,000. Forex and CFDs are traded through this account. The platforms available are Advanced Trader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5. Forex Accounts further have three types:

Standard: The standard forex account requires a $1,000 minimum deposit with spreads from 1.7 pip and no commission. The leverage is up to 1:100. The minimum trade size allowed by SwissQuote is 0.01 lot to 1’000 CCY.

Premium: The premium account requires a $10,000 minimum deposit, spreads from 1.4 pip, and no commission. The leverage is up to 1:100. The minimum trade size allowed by SwissQuote is 0.1 lot to 10’000 CCY.

Prime: The prime account requires a minimum deposit of $50,000 minimum deposit, spreads from 1.1 pip and no commission. The leverage is up to 1:100. The minimum trade size allowed by SwissQuote is 1 lot to 100’000 CCY.

Robo-Advisory Account

SwissQuote offers a robo-advisory account for investment in funds. The minimum deposit required is $/€/£ 5,000. The robo-advisory platform, introduced by SwissQuote, although requires very little human supervision, features automated investment services.

Professional Account

The professional account offers leverage up to 1:400. The stop-out level for this account is as low as 30%. The spreads are charged from 0.0 pips while the commission is only EUR 2.50 per lot and that too with no hidden fees.

SwissQuote Payment Methods

Swissquote - Payment Methods

In this section, we will review the various payment methods provided by SwissQuote to transfer funds in and out of your account and all the available information related to that.

Deposit Methods

At SwissQuote, deposits are made through two methods. The two most convenient and secure methods are credit card/debit card deposits and wire transfers. Credit card/debit card transfer is faster compared to wire transfers.

Credit Card/Debit Card: When funding your account with a credit card/debit card, there is no transaction fee charged by SwissQuote. SwissQuote accepts both Mastercard and Visa credit cards & debit cards.

Wire Transfers: For wire transfers, it is mandatory to have an active SwissQuote account. The client can easily transfer funds from their bank account. The bank should be AA rated. SwissQuote charges no fee for deposits but the depository bank may charge you a fee and the rates also vary from bank to bank. SwissQuote accepts the following currencies: GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, JPY, PLN, CZK, HUF, and USD.

Transfer Method

Processing Time

Credit card/Debit card TransferInstant
Wire Transfer1 business day

Withdrawal Methods

One of the most usual options available for withdrawal is bank transfers. SwissQuote supports withdrawal via bank transfer. The withdrawal process usually takes one business day to complete but the withdrawal money takes many days to arrive. SwissQuote also charges a withdrawal fee, unlike other brokers.

How to make a withdrawal on SwissQuote

The following steps are to be followed while withdrawing money from your account:

  • Log in to your SwissQuote account.
  • Choose ‘Withdrawal’ or ‘Withdraw funds’ from the available options
  • Select the account to withdraw to.
  • Mention the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Submit your request

Education at SwissQuote

Swissquote - Education

For a successful trade, traders should be aware of the trading platforms, how to use all the tools and the risks that come with all the activities. In order to provide the best trading experience to beginners as well, SwissQuote offers education services that include:

  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • eBooks


The courses are specialized to train beginners step by step to gain insight into the trading industry. There are two courses available. One relates to trading and the other one relates to forex. We’ve mentioned the two courses available below in this review:

  • Trade the right way: This course takes 30 minutes to complete, comprising a total of 8 videos. This works like an initial kickstart to explore the endless opportunities in the trading world.
  • Master Forex: This course takes 1h 30 minutes to complete, comprising a total of 23 videos. This course teaches the basics of forex trading, seeking to make the person a master at trading.

Swissquote - Courses


SwissQuote arranges webinars to help advanced and intermediate traders enhance their trading knowledge and gain insight into the trading markets and products.

Swissquote - Webinars


eBooks are the reading material available on the website to help traders hone their trading skills. The eBooks cover the following three categories:

  • Trading
  • Forex
  • Crypto

Swissquote - EBooks

SwissQuote Customer Support

Swissquote - Customer Support

If the customer support is fast, easy to reach, and available anytime, a trader’s trading journey will be a lot less problematic. Traders prefer brokers with a professional customer service team so that all their problems are resolved easily.

SwissQuote has separate customer care centers for Trading, Forex, and Robo-advisory. Visitors can visit anytime during the working hours mentioned on the website to get their issues resolved. An online support hub is also available on the website.

The Live Chat feature is available on their official website. It is worth noting that the live chat feature functions 24 hours a day. To make up for the very limited support available, they have a FAQ page on the website that has different categories of questions answered for the users to get help or to get answers to possible queries they might have. SwissQuote also has a presence on social media to keep its users aware of recent updates and offers; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok.

SwissQuote Online Reviews

What Reddit Users Say About SwissQuote

People on Reddit have given balanced – positive and negative – reviews and comments regarding SwissQuote performance and features.

Swissquote Review - Reddit

One particular Reddit user has complained about the high transaction fee on SwissQuote and wonders why anyone would choose to trade with SwissQuote.

Swissquote Review - Reddit

Another user on Reddit was found praising SwissQuote and even went so far as to call it his “favorite broker”, due to the fact that it charges average inactivity fees, provides professional customer support and extends his market reach. The user loves SwissQuote’s features compared to other brokers.

What Quora Users Say About SwissQuote

Quora users take an intermediate approach when commenting about the broker. The reviews on Quora, much like the other sites, highlight the mixed feelings users have towards the broker.

Swissquote Review - Quora

Austin Pineda refers to SwissQuote as a good and safe broker, as it is regulated by four-tier jurisdictions. He also further explained that the banking services they provided were exceptional and that there are two other banks that are also operated by this broker.

Swissquote Review - Quora

Another user on Quora gave negative feedback in their review of the broker and mentioned many complaints with respect to account opening. He claims that the account opening takes a lot of time, and the customer support is poor and not competent enough to handle customer issues adequately.

Trustpilot Users’ Review About SwissQuote

SwissQuote has a 3.8/5 rating (based on user reviews) on Trustpilot which implies that the broker neither has an extraordinary reputation nor is it far worse than its competitors.

Swissquote Review - Trustpilot

One of the Trustpilot users, Tony, had complained about poor customer service and late replies to emails. He also states that the crypto trading platform does not list all assets and lacks reviews.

Swissquote Review - Trustpilot

Another user on Trustpilot called SwissQuote a great partner. He praised everything from customer service and safety regulations to account management and its services. He was only upset with the fee structure but as far as the quality of services is concerned he is satisfied.

ForexPeaceArmy Users’ Reviews About SwissQuote

Just like other platforms, SwissQuote also has both positive and negative feedback from users on ForexPeaceArmy. The overall rating of Swissquote at ForexPeaceArmy is 2.5/5. One of the users complained about the bad customer support he received from the broker. He stated that one of the agents called him to deposit an amount in the account or leave the account with the broker.

Swissquote Review - Forexpeacearmy

Another user was found praising the services by SwissQuote. He mentioned that the spreads might be a little wide but the services and tools are a big deal.  He also stated that the regulations and safety protocols are great and not to be compromised on.

Swissquote Review - Forexpeacearmy

Is SwissQuote Safe?

Traders/investors need brokers to easily trade with the exchanges but before choosing a broker, they end up reviewing the broker’s approach to client fund security and safety. Otherwise, investors risk losing funds which is one of their biggest fears. Keeping this threat in mind, investors keep asking “Is SwissQuote trustworthy?”.

Yes! To further explain the answer, SwissQuote and all of its entities are regulated by the regulatory bodies in the respective regions. It is regulated by four Tier-1 regulators, namely; Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Securities Future Commissions (SFC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

These regulatory bodies make the services available to international clients, while shifting between exchanges, smooth and reliable. The four tier-1 regulators ensure the highest safety of securities and investments. SwissQuote has strong core capital reserves and is typically able to handle any unexpected losses. It also holds a zero-tolerance approach to any illegal activity. In particular, SwissQuote fights against money laundering, terrorism financing, corruption, and market abuse.

The broker also initiated a Responsible Disclosure Program to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user data. Any issue related to the vulnerability disclosure can be reported by sending an email to them containing the description of the vulnerability, how you came to find it, and how it would impact you.

Other Products and Services at SwissQuote

SwissQuote offers some additional products and services as well, like Credit Solutions, Theme Trading, Robo-advisory, and Swiss DOTS.

Credit Solutions

Being a bank, credit solutions are offered by SwissQuote in terms of Lombard loan, Tesla Leasing, and Payment Cards.

Lombard Loan

Using Lombard Loan, you can enjoy more liquidity and 0% interest in CHF until 31st Jan 2023. The loan process is fast and can be delivered to you within an hour of submission of the loan application. You can enjoy new opportunities without buying and selling of your portfolio, however, you need to have three diversified assets in your portfolio to qualify for this loan. The loans are available in CHF/EUR/USD and other currencies making it an attractive feature for the borrower.

Swissquote - Lombard Loan

Tesla Leasing

Tesla is the advanced tech car everyone wishes to own. Lucky for you, financing in Tesla is no longer just a dream. SwissQuote offers leasing services for Tesla, providing an online app that shows the latest details on the share prices of Tesla.

Swissquote - Tesla Leasing

Payment Cards

SwissQuote offers a multi-currency card and prepaid card. Gold or silver multi-currency credit cards are available on trading accounts only. Forex, trading and saving accounts offer a silver prepaid card. All of the online payments through cards are secured with 3-D Secure.

Swissquote - Payment Cards

Theme Trading

SwissQuote offers a theme trading feature in which users can choose portfolios from thematic assets like certificates. The assets have a common theme e.g online gaming and global recycling. Theme trading is cheaper than investing in single assets. The flat fee and growth potential associated with theme trading makes it a favorable option for beginners and people who lack time.

Swissquote - Theme Trading


SwissQuote also offers a Robo-advisory service in which the user can hire an automated asset manager to manage their investments. The personalized strategy and the performance visualization is shown. It was developed using Quantitative Asset Management (QAM) and uses excellent algorithms to manage your assets.

Swissquote - Robo-Advisory

Swiss DOTS

Another investment platform named Swiss DOTS deals with leveraged OTC products. It offers attractive prices and trading hours from 8.00 to 22.00. The Swiss DOTS contains over 90,000+ derivatives including equities, indices, ETFs, currency pairs, and commodities. The individual numbers are:

  • 55,000+ Warrants
  • 19,000+ Knock-out Warrants
  • 15,500+ Mini-Futures
  • 1,500+ Factor Certificates

Swissquote - SwissDOTS

Refer a Friend

SwissQuote also offers an opportunity for users to earn cash bonuses up to CHF 800 by just referring the broker to a friend. All that the user has to do to become a sponsor is to log into eBanking, get a sponsor number and share it with a friend through email. The email is also available on the website. The referred client needs to fill out the account opening form and mention the friend’s sponsor number in order to confirm the bonus on both ends. For a standard account, the referred friend has to deposit a minimum of 5,000 CHF and earn a bonus of 50 CHF while the referrer earns a bonus of 100 CHF.

Swissquote - Refer a Friend

Bottom Line

SwissQuote serves more than 400,000 users worldwide with the best financial services and advanced platforms. The broker offers access to more than 60 stock exchanges and is regulated by multiple authorities like FINMA and FCA to provide its services as securely as possible. The company’s website is in multiple languages, making it comfortable for international clients to switch to whichever language they best understand to trade in.

SwissQuote offers multiple types of accounts considering the needs of its clients. With more than 3 million investment products, SwissQuote not only offers endless investment opportunities but also educates traders through its education hub. Quality services and no deposit requirements make it attractive for users – giving them reasons to stick with it.

A range of payment methods and trading accounts offered by SwissQuote make the trading experience exceptional. The education center is great in providing learning opportunities for beginners as well as experienced traders. The support team at SwissQuote aims at providing quick and prompt solutions to customer complaints and queries. In addition to trading opportunities, SwissQuote also offers investments, automated account management, theme trading and credit solutions for its customers.

Q & A

SwissQuote is a bank that holds a banking license issued by the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). It is also a member of Swiss Bankers Association.

SwissQuote was founded in Gland, Switzerland.

No, SwissQuote does not offer spread betting in the UK.

Go to the official website of SwissQuote and click login. SwissQuote requires your username and password to login to your trading account.

Yes, you can trade 35+ cryptocurrencies and a range of crypto-asset products on SwissQuote.

SwissQuote focuses on the automation of trades and technology while reducing its fees to the minimum. The SwissQuote fees are the lowest in the market.

Yes, you can access 335+ stocks CFDs to trade with. SwissQuote offers investment in stocks listed on 60 different stock exchanges worldwide.

SwissQuote offers forex pairs, Stocks CFD, ETFs, Indices, Theme Trading, Derivatives, Commodities, Forex Options, Cryptos, Funds, and Bonds.

Withdrawal through wire transfers takes up to 1 working day to process on SwissQuote. Wire transfer is the only withdrawal method on the broker.

SwissQuote offers two payment methods to fund accounts. The first one is e-banking and the second one is credit card deposits. 

The spreads are starting from 0.0 pips for a professional account on SwissQuote.

Yes, SwissQuote offers a Professional Account. The eligibility criteria are mentioned on the official website.

There is no deposit fee charged by SwissQuote on deposits of $500 or more for cryptocurrency trading. The withdrawal fee of $10 is charged for wallets maintained in BTC, ETH, and XTZ. The transaction fee is 1% for CHF 10 – 9,999 transaction amount.

Yes, SwissQuote offers a free demo account with a $100,000 balance. All of the features can be assessed through this demo account. Swissquote offers virtual 50,000 CHF credit to experience Robo Advisor in a live market.