Trading 212 Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Pros & Cons

We review Trading212, an online platform prides itself in Its variety of features, including a wide range of assets to trade and a user-friendly interface covering its reliability, regulation and fees.

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1,500,000+ Clients

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83% of CFD accounts lose money.

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EURUSD 3.0 pips

What Can You Trade on Trading 212

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Trading Platforms


Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster CardPaypalSkrill

Trading 212 Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Pros & Cons

We review Trading212, an online platform prides itself in Its variety of features, including a wide range of assets to trade and a user-friendly interface covering its reliability, regulation and fees.

  • author Saman Ali
  • Last updated 12/12/2023

83% of CFD accounts lose money.

Regulated By

Regulated By


Used By

Used By

1,500,000+ Clients

Established in

Established in


Spreads From

EURUSD 89 Points

Trading Platforms


What Can You Trade on Trading 212

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS
  • Cryptocurrencies

Funding Methods

Wire TransferVisaMaster CardPaypalSkrill

Trading 212 Overview

Trading 212 is a trading platform managed by three entities; Trading 212 UK Ltd., Trading 212 Markets Ltd., and Trading 212 Ltd. The company started in Bulgaria in 2005 and introduced its platform for trading in the UK market in 2016. The firm announced a zero-commission share trading service in 2017 for traders worldwide. It also offers a mobile trading app and a desktop trading platform. The trading platform charges tight spreads on its trades. To execute trades, traders can access the platform’s high-quality advanced customizing charting features. Clients can shift multiple customized charts while carrying out a trade on a single screen. The company’s deposits and withdrawals are mostly available and quick.

Trading 212 Main Features

Minimum Deposit$10
RegulationFCA, FSC & CYSEC
Tradable Symbols10,000+
Number of Pairs150+

The broker serves investors and traders from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and other regions. There is a wide range of trading instruments provided to its users. The available assets include shares, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs, options, and indices. It’s one of the FCA-regulated brokers, protecting UK clients’ funds under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules. The Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) also authorized its corporate entity.

Furthermore, the company does not charge clients fees for funding their accounts or withdrawals. A variety of global methods of payment are available on the broker site. The firm’s demo account allows traders to test out its trading platforms before investing real money. The company offers two major types of accounts, one for investing in shares and ETFs, and the other to trade CFDs. Trading 212 also provides educational videos on its YouTube channel. Customer service is available 24/7 to promote and facilitate its clients. It also protects against negative balance. Account holders are offered affiliate programs with a unique CPA reward structure. In this article, all the features of Trading212 are explained in detail. This review will cover its Pros & Cons, Regulations, Supported Offices, Deposits & Withdrawals, Account Types, Leverage, Spread, Educational Centre, Customer Support, Users’ Reviews, Account Opening Procedure and much more.


  • Multiple regulations around the world
  • Zero Commission
  • Remarkable 24/7 customer service
  • Over 10,000 global Stocks & ETFs
  • Funds Protection
  • Diversified Portfolios and Pies


  • Few Educational Resources
  • No Phone Support
  • No available in the USA and Pakistan
  • High Spreads

Trading 212 Regulations

Trading with a regulated brokerage firm guarantees the platform’s trustworthiness. Trading 212 operates in a secure, regulated environment that adheres to predefined rules. We have listed the broker’s regulated subsidiaries that operate globally.

Trading 212 UK Ltd: Trading 212 UK Ltd. is a corporate entity registered in England and Wales, with its registered office at 107 Cheapside, London EC2V 6DN. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised and regulated Trading 212 UK Ltd.

  • Contact number: 8590005
  • Firm reference number: 609146

Trading 212 Ltd.: Trading 212 Ltd. is a Bulgarian subsidiary. The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) authorised and regulated Trading 212 Ltd.

  • Contact number: 201659500
  • Licence number: RG-03-0237

Trading 212 Markets Ltd.: Trading 212 Markets Ltd. is a Cyprus-based entity of Trading 212. (Company number HE 409763). The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) authorised and regulated Trading 212 Markets Ltd.

  • Contact number: HE 409763
  • Licence number: 398/21

Supported Countries

The broker supports various regions of the world, including countries in Europe and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the platform offers 9 different languages to make trading possible for non-English speakers.

Available Assets at Trading 212

Trading 212 Review -Available Assets

Trading 212 provides 10,000+ CFD trading instruments. These assets include Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and ETFs.


Cryptocurrencies are a new type of instrument offered by Trading212. It is a highly volatile trading instrument and the broker offers traders a chance to gain exposure to them through CFDs. It offers only 15 major cryptocurrency CFDs including BTC, ETH, DOGE, ADA, SOL, ALGO, MATIC, AVAX, BCH, DOT, EOS, ETC, LINK, LTC, and UNI.


The broker company offers access to 10,000+ global stocks of CFDs in different regions of the world, including Europe and the UK. Clients can trade both long and short stocks, up to thousands. Almost all the popular stocks are available to trade on Trading 212. The famous stocks include Tesla, Rolls-Royce, Apple, NIO Inc., AMC Entertainment, Amazon, Coinbase, Netflix, GameStop, PayPal, Alphabet, Snap, and others.


Precious metals; Oil; and agricultural products including lumber and cattle; are the commodities on this broker. Clients can trade a variety of commodities CFDs, including Gold, Oil, silver, oil brent, copper, gasoline, and natural gas.


Trading 212 offers the trading of the world’s best indices, including the S&P 500, Dow Jones,  and FTSE 100. There are 15+ indices available on the platform for clients to trade, like Spain 35, Hong Kong 50, Italy 40, Japan 225, Germany 40, and many more.


The company supports 150+ major currencies. This platform provides a wide range of minor and exotic forex pairs. All the significant currency pairs are available on the platform. EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, GBP/USD, and many other currency pairs, up to 180+, are valid to be traded on the platform.


Traders use Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to track the index. They can be traded like actual stock on the Trading 212 platform. Multiple ETF CFDs are offered for trading, including Lyxor Stock Europe 600 Banks ETF, Lyxor MSCI Turkey, SPDR S&P 500, VanEck Gold Miners, Vanguard Small-Cap Value, and many more.


Trading212 charges a very tight spread compared to the industry’s average spread rate.


Trading 212 - Leverage

Trading 212’s maximum leverage varies widely from country to country and entity in which the client has registered their account. Each instrument has a different leverage on the Trading212 platform. The broker offers a maximum leverage up to; 1:30 to trade forex, 1:20 to trade indices and gold, 1:10 to trade other commodities, 1:5 to trade stocks, and 1:2 to trade cryptocurrencies.



Spread (From)Leverage (Up to)


Major Forex Pairs

EUR/USD3.0 pips1:30
GBP/USD3.1 pips1:30
USD/JPY3.0 pips1:30
USD/CHF6.2 pips1:30
AUD/USD2.4 pips1:20
USD/CAD1.9 pips1:30
NZD/USD4.5 pips1:20
Dollar Index2.3 pips1:10

Minor Forex Pairs

EUR/GBP5.5 pips1:30
GBP/JPY5.3 pips1:30
EUR/CHF3.1 pips1:30
AUD/CAD8.7 pips1:20
AUD/CHF10.6 pips1:20
AUD/JPY6.2 pips1:2
AUD/NZD19.7 pips1:20
AUD/RON4.6 pips1:20
CAD/CHF7.3 pips1:30
CAD/JPY7.1 pips1:30
CHF/JPY14.5 pips1:30
CHF/NZD3.0 pips1:20
EUR/AUD17.3 pips1:20
EUR/CAD14.7 pips1:30
EUR/ILS13.9 pips1:20
EUR/JPY7.7 pips1:30
EUR/NZD18.5 pips1:20
GBP/AUD17.6 pips1:20
GBP/CAD7.8 pips1:30
GBP/CHF14.9 pips1:30
GBP/NZD18.7 pips1:20
NZD/CAD7.0 pips1:20
NZD/CHF14.3 pips1:20
NZD/JPY10.3 pips1:20
USD/ILS3.0 pips1:20
USD/RON2.6 pips1:20

Exotic Forex Pairs

USD/TRY69.7 pips1:20
AUD/CNH7.2 pips1:20
AUD/GBP2.0 pips1:20
AUD/HKD8.9 pips1:20
AUD/BGN3.2 pips1:20
AUD/MXN20.4 pips1:20
AUD/PLN9.3 pips1:20
AUD/TRY60.4 pips1:20
AUD/ZAR8.4 pips1:20
BGN/AUD23.4 pips1:20
BGN/PLN5.8 pips1:20
BGN/TRY672.8 pips1:20
CAD/BGN2.0 pips1:20
CAD/CNH4.4 pips1:20
CAD/CZK17.3 pips1:20
CAD/DKK17.0 pips1:20
CAD/GBP9.0 pips1:20
CAD/HKD7.8 pips1:20
CAD/PLN3.7 pips1:20
CAD/SEK50.0 pips1:20
CAD/TRY33.7 pips1:20
CAD/ZAR22.2 pips1:20
CHF/AUD2.5 pips1:20
CHF/GBP12.8 pips1:20
CHF/HUF67.9 pips1:20
CHF/MXN136.1 pips1:20
CHF/NOK53.0 pips1:20
CHF/TRY26.4 pips1:20
CHF/ZAR14.3 pips1:20
CNH/JPY28.3 pips1:20
CNH/MXN50.3 pips1:20
CZK/JPY5.4 pips1:20
DKK/GBP2.0 pips1:20
DKK/JPY18.2 pips1:20
EUR/CNH3.7 pips1:20
EUR/CZK18.5 pips1:20
EUR/HKD6.6 pips1:20
EUR/HUF8.4 pips1:20
EUR/MXN7.6 pips1:20
EUR/NOK91.5 pips1:20
EUR/PLN11.6 pips1:20
EUR/SEK57.9 pips1:20
EUR/TRY96.6 pips1:20
EUR/ZAR8.1 pips1:20
GBP/CNH3.0 pips1:20
GBP/DKK27.2 pips1:20
GBP/HKD15.4 pips1:20
GBP/HUF1448.8 pips1:20
GBP/MXN13.4 pips1:20
GBP/NOK536.7 pips1:20
GBP/PLN26.7 pips1:20
GBP/RON52.6 pips1:20
GBP/SEK134.8 pips1:20
GBP/ZAR11.0 pips1:20
HKD/HUF84.3 pips1:20
HKD/JPY3.1 pips1:20
HKD/ZAR2.0 pips1:20
ILS/MXN19.1 pips1:20
JPY/GBP85.5 pips1:20
JPY/HUF1362.0 pips1:20
MXN/HUF28.56 pips1:20
MXN/JPY18.3 pips1:20
NOK/GBP141.5 pips1:20
NOK/PLN2.0 pips1:20
NOK/ZAR4.4 pips1:20
NZD/CNH2.1 pips1:20
NZD/NOK22.6 pips1:20
NZD/PLN8.3 pips1:20
NZD/SGD2.4 pips1:20
NZD/TRY32.4 pips1:20
NZD/ZAR19.5 pips1:20
PLN/CNH19.8 pips1:20
PLN/GBP10.2 pips1:20
PLN/MXN21.3 pips1:20
RON/SEK4.0 pips1:20
SGD/JPY42.8 pips1:20
SGD/MXN138.0 pips1:20
SGD/SEK7.4 pips1:20
SGD/ZAR7.5 pips1:20
TRY/CNH7.4 pips1:20
TRY/DKK5.0 pips1:20
TRY/HKD4.3 pips1:20
TRY/JPY46.8 pips1:20
USD/AUD1.2 pips1:20
USD/BGN64.0 pips1:20
USD/CNH2.4 pips1:20
USD/CZK18.4 pips1:20
USD/DKK5.7 pips1:20
USD/GBP0.9 pips1:30
USD/HKD8.2 pips1:20
USD/HUF5.1 pips1:20
USD/MXN5.1 pips1:20
USD/NOK29.9 pips1:20
USD/PLN5.8 pips1:20
USD/SEK93.8 pips1:20
USD/SGD12.0 pips1:20
USD/ZAR22.5 pips1:20
ZAR/GBP1248.6 pips1:20
ZAR/HUF2319.1 pips1:20
ZAR/JPY26.1 pips1:20


Crude Oil – CL0.6 pips1:10
Natural Gas – NG0.9 pips1:10
Brent Oil – BL0.6 pips1:10
Gold -XAU7.7 pips1:20
Gasoline- RB3.4 pips1:10
Wheat- ZW14.1 pips1:10
Live Cattle- LE10.7 pips1:10
Cotton – CT8.9 pips1:10
Platinum- PL7.0 pips1:10
Silver – XAG22.0 pips1:10
Copper- HG3.0 pips1:10
Coffee – KC3.3 pips1:10
Lean Hogs – HE54.0 pips1:10
Lumber56.9 pips1:10
Palladium – PA69.0 pips1:10
Cocoa – CC48.0 pips1:10
Corn – ZC10.3 pips1:10
Soybean – ZS13.0 pips1:10
Feeder Cattle – GF17.1 pips1:10
Sugar- SB4.3 pips1:10
Heating Oil – HO3.3 pips1:10

Trading 212 Fees & Commissions

Trading 212 - Fees and Commission

Trading Fees

Most of the services this broker provides to its clients are free. It is a reliable platform as it is transparent about its fee structure. The trading fees include Spread, Commissions, and swap fees.


There are various spreads on the Trading212 CFD account. The spreads vary on each instrument. Trading EUR/USD has a starting spread of 3.0 pips, while gold has a starting spread of 7.7 pips.


Trading212 Invest account offers commission-free trading of Stocks and ETFs.

Rollover Fees/Swap Charges

A swap fee is an amount added or subtracted from your account when you hold a position till the next day. The fee could be positive or negative depending on the instrument and position.

You can review the swap rate on the platform’s online webpage by getting into details of each instrument.

Non-Trading Fees

This company has no deposit, withdrawal, or account closing fee. However, there are some ways the broker charges its clients. The non-trading fees are described below.

Currency Conversion Fee

All clients are charged a currency conversion fee when trading assets with currencies other than the currency of their account. This conversion cost is up to 0.5% of the realised net outcome of your trade (gain or loss).

Inactivity Fee

This platform does not require an inactivity fee on this platform. You can be inactive for as long as possible and start trading with Trading 212 without paying any inactivity fee.

Stop Order

Clients can use Stop Orders to buy or sell stocks when they reach a set price. When the stock reaches a client’s preset price, the Stop Order becomes a Market Order and conducts at the best price possible. Traders frequently use stop orders on the Trading 212 platform to significantly lower potential losses if the stock moves opposite.

Trading 212 Trading Platforms

We will discuss the two trading platforms the broker provides accessibility for trading in this section of the review.

  1. Desktop Trading Platform
  2. Mobile Trading Platform

Desktop Trading Platform

Trading 212 - Desktop Trading Platform

As a major element of its multi-asset services, Trading 212 provides a desktop trading platform. The broker provides access to both of its accounts: Trading 212 CFD & Trading 212 Invest, and their respective markets, for its clients. The significant platform’s characteristics are simple to use, clean & simplified layout with comprehensive charts, and incorporated news headlines.

Trading 212 has a unique and useful feature in which the website caches the user’s identity locally so that they are programmatically logged in when they open the platform via their computer. This feature saves clients from the hassle of logging in every time.

Customised Charts

Trading 212’s desktop platform has excellent charting features. Clients can select five different kinds of charts and connect directly to 45 indicators and 19 drawing tools. Traders can build and save their customised chart designs, which are useful when applying settings to multiple charts. This feature allows you to open multiple charts and switch between them.

Trading Tools

Trading 212 - Trading tools

The desktop platform also offers an economic calendar which contains all latest, upcoming and previously released economic news & reports from around the world’s financial authorities.


Trading212 - Multi-tasking

Trading 212 offers a free demo account, and the platform makes it simple to flip between demo and live trading with a click of the mouse. Furthermore, the desktop platform allows traders to open multiple charts simultaneously to monitor more than one financial asset.

Easy-to-use Search Tool

Trading 212 - Search Tool

Traders typically require quick access to an instrument. A good search bar is a must-have for any trading platform. Trading 212 has an impressive search tool at the top of the screen, making it completely simple to find whatever asset you want.

How to Open a Live Account & Place a Trade on Trading 212 Desktop Trading Platform

Creating an account with Trading 212 is a straightforward process that requires no time.

  1. Go to the official website and click the ‘open account’ option on the home page. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  2. This will open a dialogue to choose your country of residence. Select your home country and click on ‘Next.’ Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  3. This will open another dialogue box that will require you to select your preferred account. You can select the account option, whichever you think is suitable for your goals. Click on the second option, ‘Trading 212 CFD,’ to trade CFDs on the platform. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  4. By clicking on the CFD account option, the site will open a warning to ensure that you are aware of the risks included in CFD trading. Click on ‘OK’ after reading it. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  5. This step will lead to the login details box, where you have to enter your email and set a new password. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the platform, click on ‘create an account.’ Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  6. Your account is created. By clicking on ‘start trading now’ at the top of the platform, you can initiate your trading process right away and access any assets you want. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  7. This account-opening process does not require any deposit or registration fee. But, to start trading, you have to make a deposit.

Mobile Trading Platform

Trading212 - Mobile Trading Platform

Trading 212 offers a mobile trading app to its users. The app includes educational video content for newbies.

This platform provides an extremely user-friendly mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The watchlist supervisors, by default, make it simple to process through markets, including stocks, forex, indices, and newly added symbols.

Features of the mobile app

  • User-friendly: Trading 212 is among very few brokers with their own Google Chrome plugin. This allows clients to access the platform directly from the browser. Furthermore, the watchlists available in the app are highly customizable and automatically update with the desktop platform instantly.
  • Charting: The app’s charting tool includes 45 indicators and 19 drawing equipment that have been neatly embedded. The mobile app has nearly identical functionality to the desktop version, which makes it easier for users to adapt to the app quickly.
  • Upcoming events: When viewing the symbol properties of a specific instrument, such as the EUR/USD, one characteristic that sticks out in the Trading 212 mobile app perspective is the skill to see upcoming events. The event’s possible effect, anticipated forecast, and exact time are all featured on the app.

How to open an account and trade on Trading212 Mobile App

Follow the given below steps to set up an account with Trading212 and begin trading with it:

  1. Download and Install the Trading 212 App from Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile by clicking the “Install” button. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  2. Open an account of your choice from the available two options. If you like to invest in stocks and ETFs, then opt for Trading212 Invest. If you prefer trading CFDs, then go for Trading212 CFDs. You will also be offered to practise with virtual 5000 € through a demo account or trade with real money. Please select your preferred option to open an account with them. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  3. It will first ask your country of residence, and then a signup form will emerge. Enter your email ID and Password to create an account with Trading212. Trading 212 - Account Opening Process
  4. You can then add funds to your account through the desired payment method from the available ones. Or, you can also practice with the virtual 5000 € and have a genuine trading experience.
  5. Start trading with the available money by clicking on the desired asset from the Trading212 mobile app.

Trading 212 - Account Opening Process

Trading 212 Account Types

Trading 212 offers three different account types. To begin trading, two basic accounts are available on the platform. However, account holders of the two basic accounts can opt for the third type, demo account, when they require to learn trading with virtual funds.

Demo Account

The best feature of this broker is that it offers a demo account. Clients get access to the benefits of the demo account to build their knowledge and trading skills. Customers can enjoy the demo account service to practise their forex skills and test new strategies. You are not required to fund this account with tangible assets or funds and are provided with $50,000 in the way of virtual funds right off the bat. 

Trading 212 CFD

Trading a CFD account allows clients to trade all kinds of CFDs, including stock, forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit for this account is only $10! Right after the deposit, the account is ready to start trading. This account type is suitable for all kinds of traders.

A CFD account provides account holders with decent leverage trading and negative balance protection. The account offers traders stop loss and take profit features to perform successful trades.

To create a standard account on the platform, you only need to enter your email and create a password. Deposits are free; however, a deposit fee of 0.70% is charged when a client has deposited more than $2,000.

To start trading, you are not required to download any software. The broker platform has a desktop platform that allows online trading.

Trading 212 Invest

The Trading 212 Invest account offers to invest in only stocks and ETFs. This account type is suitable for investors and benefits traders in the investing industry. The account offers free investing in 10,000+ shares and ETFs with a minimum investment of $1!

Invest account holders are provided with 24/7 customer support as instant trades are involved in the process. Like the CFD account, the Trading Invest account allows free deposit but charges 0.70% after the deposit amount exceeds $2,000. However, these charges are not applied to bank transfers.

Furthermore, traders who perform trades in different currencies from their account’s currency are directed to 0.15% fees.

Account Base Currency:

Trading 212, as a global CFD platform, provides a variety of requirements and base currency options. Everything is determined by your region and the subsidiary through which you opened your account.

Furthermore, this platform accepts major currencies for all of its clients, including the Euro, USD, and British Pound (GBP).

Trading 212 Payment Methods

Trading 212 - Payment Methods

Deposit Methods

The broker accepts various deposit methods, including Debit card, Credit card, Skrill, Dotpay, Carte Bleue, Blik, Direct eBanking, Paypal, Giropay, iDEAL, and Bank to Bank.

The minimum deposit amount of account types on the broker differs as discussed below.

  • Minimum Deposit of a CFD account: $10 for all payment methods.
  • Minimum Deposit of an Invest account: $1 for all payment methods.

Nevertheless, the maximum amount that can be funded or deposited is limited by the geographical area in which your account is registered. The maximum payment amount per transaction for each payment is mentioned on the official website’s deposit page. On some occasions, your deposit may be restricted in a plethora of ways. To meet margin requirements, for instance, you should try limiting the total number of available Transactions.

Most of the deposit methods of Trading 212 are immediate, bank transfers might take a day to two. The following table shows the time taken by each deposit made by a different payment method.

MethodDeposit Transfer Time
Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard)10 minutes
Debit Cards (Visa & MasterCard)10 minutes
Bank WireUp to 2-3 Business Days

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods are similar to the deposit methods offered by the platform. Usually, withdrawal requests take 3 business days on the platform to be processed. Another important thing to notice about the withdrawal process of Trading 212 is that it offers the fund extraction only to the same payment method used at the time of deposit.

If a client has used multiple deposit methods, he will be notified at the time of withdrawal with certain pop-up messages guiding him through the process. If a client has deposited $100 via debit card and $50 via Paypal, he cannot withdraw $150 to either method. He can only withdraw $100 from a debit card and $50 from Paypal.

Furthermore, suppose the amount left in the account is less than the withdrawal limit. In that case, the client must add funds into the account sufficient enough to fulfil the withdrawal limits only after that client can extract his/her money.

How to withdraw funds from Trading 212?

To request a withdrawal, click on the “Account Menu” and choose the “Manage funds” option. Click on ‘Withdraw funds’ and confirm your password. After choosing a payment method, you can confirm the withdrawal. Your withdrawal will be processed in 3 business days.

Education at Trading 212

Trading 212 - Education

Trading 212 offers a wide range of video tutorials, with over 170 on its YouTube page. However, detailed blog posts and advanced materials are only available in the help centre, and there are no uploaded webinars.

The broker’s education consists primarily of videos, many of which are ingrained in its desktop and mobile platforms. The broker does not provide informational articles besides a few posts on its forum website and FAQs in its help section.

Trading 212 Customer Support

Trading 212 - Customer Support

The company offers incredible 24/7 customer support. The average response time of the Live Chat Support is about 29 seconds! The homepage of the broker has a FAQ section that links clients to write articles, which answer clients’ likely questions. If you find the FAQ answers unsatisfactory, you can contact the customer support team by sending them an email. However, call service is not offered to clients on Trading 212.

The service of the support team is very professional and quick. The team provides detailed answers and stays connected until the client is satisfied.

Trading 212 Online Reviews

What Reddit Users Say About Trading 212

People on Reddit have unbiased opinions about the platform. They are neither criticising it nor proclaiming it to be one of the best online trading platforms available. Most of the users seem happy to have received the right to vote on GameStop proposals.

Trading 212 Review

Another user of Trading 212 shared his experience with the platform, claiming that he is in a secure place after being rescued by the broker.

Trading 212 Review

What Quora Users Say About Trading 212

People on Quora seemed to have mixed views about the platform. Some users seemed neutral and recommended the platform to only professionals while most of the users reflected negative thoughts on trading with Trading 212. One of the users called the platform guilty of manipulating prices and another user called out the high fees charged on the platform.

Trading 212 Review

However, one of the users seems to call it a decent broker by saying that he likes the platform. Another Quora user explained why the platform is so cheap, mentioning the services offered by the platform.

Trading 212 Review

Trustpilot Users’ Reviews About Trading 212

The users of TrustPilot have marked excellent experiences with the platform. 74% have reviewed the services of Trading 212 as excellent. A user reviewed the platform and called it user-friendly, mentioning the supportive customer service. Another user praised the platform for allowing trading with zero commissions.

Trading 212 Review

The platform has 4.6 stars rating on TrustPilot.

ForexPeaceArmy Users’ Reviews About Trading 212

The ForexPeaceArmy users have given average ratings to the platform. Traders on this site seem to be unsatisfied with the platform’s services. One user called his experience very disappointing. He talked about how he suffered a loss when his position mysteriously closed. Trading 212 has a rating of 2.6 out of 5 on ForexPeaceArmy.

Trading 212 Review

Is Trading 212 Safe?

YES! Trading 212 is safe. It is an authorised platform that is regulated by three different regulating authorities. These include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Financial Supervision Commission in Bulgaria, and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). More than 22 million traders are registered under the Plus500 platform.

Client money is kept in segregated bank accounts as per the regulating rules of Trading 212. It is to ensure client money protection. It is, however, covered by (FSCS) Financial Services Compensation Scheme, ICF, the Investors Compensation Funds, and ICF Bulgaria.

If any of the broker’s entities go default, the FSCS compensation offered to clients is up to 85,000 GBP. Moreover, clients covered by ICF Cyprus and Bulgaria are offered compensation of up to 90% of their money. But it is limited to 20,000 €.

If Trading 212 fails to provide services to its clients because of a financial crisis, these schemes ensure that every client is compensated, regardless of the company’s situation

Moreover, the 24/7 Security Operations Centre monitors and keeps a check on the traffic and alerts the clients to protect their information.

Other Products and Services at Trading 212

Instead of just trading on their platform, clients of Trading 212, if they have a large enough following online, can also sign up for their affiliate program – which not only pays well but is completely free of charge as well. 

Trading 212 Affiliate Program

Trading 212 Review

The broker provides an additional offer to its clients to earn extra income by being an affiliate. It is a program that rewards clients for attracting potential customers. The majority of businesses are using this method of affiliate program to acquire new customers. The full payment is only presented to clients when a new user is introduced. The advantage of such an affiliate program is that it costs the platform nothing, moreover, it benefits the broker as the number of clients grows. Furthermore, clients can freely avail of this service and earn up to $1000 commission per account.

Earnings through Trading 212 Affiliate Program

The earnings are directly linked to the efforts made by the clients, the greater the effort greater the rewards. The program is designed to pay serious clients who bring new users to the platform. We have listed the benefits you as a trader can enjoy.

  • Up to $1000 commission per account: You can earn up to $1000 industry-leading commission per account. Furthermore, several additional rewards are offered based on the number of qualified clients a user brings.
  • Access to high-converting and multilingual marketing creatives: Clients are provided access to multilingual high-conversion banners, landing pages, and different marketing tools by the platform. This helps clients to widen their range to attract new customers using the provided tools.
  • Free access to affiliate tracking platform: Trading 212 offers unlimited access to clients to monitor conversions on cutting-edge affiliate platforms.
  • Flexible reward structure: Clients get timely commission payments and can customise the CPA plans.
  • Personal affiliate manager: You earn through this platform by bringing new clients but this process might be new for many users. For this reason, the broker offers a personal affiliate manager to clients who have availed of this program, to guide them.

Bottom Line

Trading 212 was an ultimate great experience for us. The WebTrader platform is among the easiest to use and most efficient on the market. A diverse selection of trading instruments with excellent features is available.

Furthermore, Trading 212’s demo account allows beginners to practise and improve their trading skills. It provides virtual money to its clients for they to have a real-time trading experience. It does not impose any hidden fees on its clients.

The broker offers multiple tradable assets and a well-known mobile app. Along with an advanced desktop trading platform that enables chart customisation. It also provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the FAQ section contains detailed articles that provide specific answers and list related questions that the client may have.

Q & A

Account withdrawals are offered free to the clients. For more information, check the payment methods section discussed above in our Trading 212 Review.

Due to a huge influx of users, Trading 212 has limited the number of accounts it opens daily. To create an account, you will have to join its waiting list. A notification will be sent to you once you can open an account.

All you need to do is to create a Trading 212 CFD account. Do remember that the purchase, transfer, and exchange of cryptocurrencies on the platform isn’t permitted; clients are only allowed to trade crypto CFDs without actually owning them.

It is important to note that UK clients can not trade crypto on Trading 212 due to the trading regulations in the UK. 

For a CFD account, it’s $10 for all payment methods and for an Invest account, the minimum deposit is $1 for all payment methods.

Compared to the average in the industry, the broker’s spreads are pretty high.

The broker doesn’t offer modifiable leverage to its clients.

No, scalping is strictly forbidden. You are, however, allowed to open and close a position in less than five minutes if there’s an actual need for it like risk management purposes.

Yes it does! UK active traders have the option to upgrade to the Trading 212 Professional Account if they’ve met all the criteria.

You can easily download it from the App Store or Google Play.

The main difference is that leverage can be used with CFD trading, but not when investing. If you consider yourself experienced enough to deal with all the risk, a CFD account can help you trade larger amounts than you could without leverage. However, a Trading 212 Invest account also has its benefits such as giving you the ability to purchase fractional shares if you don’t have the funds to buy the whole share of your desired company.  At the end of the day, you should go with whatever you’re more familiar and experienced with.